About me


I am a second-year Ph.D. student in the department of mathematics at Duke University. My advisor is Jayce Getz.

My research interests lie in number theory, mainly in automorphic forms/ L-functions. Specifically, I am working on a generalization of the Poisson summation formula arising from conjectures of Braverman and Kazhdan, L. Lafforgue, Ngo and Sakellaridis. We hope to apply the summation formula to show/give insights on the analytic properties of higher rank triple product automorphic L-functions.

I’m also working on the application of A^1-homotopy theory to the count of plane conics meeting eight lines in P^3.

I am also interested in other topics in algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry, and I’m especially interested in their connections/applications to the Langlands program.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in 2018 in Mathematics and Music at University of British Columbia, where I worked on modular forms and multiplicative number theory under the supervision of Greg Martin.

Contact: pmgu@math.duke.edu