Peter A. Larsen, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist, Department of Biology, Duke University

Peter A. Larsen













My research is rooted in evolutionary genomics and is highly interdisciplinary. I utilize the latest genomic tools to address biological questions centered on primate evolution, the origin of neurodegenerative disease, and emerging zoonotic pathogens.  I’m also a classically trained mammalogist with extensive international field experience focused on small mammal biodiversity and disease surveillance.



My teaching interests encompass several areas of biology and include genomics, evolutionary biology, and bioinformatics.  Most recently, I developed and served as the primary instructor for a course entitled Fundamentals of next-generation sequencing and genomic informatics.  The course provided students with detailed knowledge of the chemistry underlying all major next-generation sequencing platforms as well as hands-on bioinformatics experience.





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