How Weddings Became The Ultimate Event


As far as special life events go, weddings are about as special as it gets. In fact, for so many people, their wedding day is the day that they dream about for years and years. This is, after all, the day that you ultimately come together with your favourite person in the world and bring your lives together in one big party that lasts the rest of your lives. The lead up to the big day comes and goes like a flash, and before you know it you are married and you are enjoying the party of a lifetime, with all the glittering bells and whistles to match. And then, before you know it again, the day has come to an end, and suddenly you are living the next big chapter of your life. When all is said and done, your wedding day is without a doubt, one of the most special – if not the most special – days of your life.

Celebrating the love and respect between you and your favourite person, with all the people and animals that mean the most to you in the world, is just about the most magical event you can ever hope for. There are many moving pieces that go into planning and then even enjoying a wedding. First and foremost, weddings demand months and months of planning, and there are hundreds – if not thousands – of decisions that must be made within that time frame, ahead of the wedding day itself. Quite often (if not always) these are the tangible ticks off the list that make the whole special day come together as seamlessly as possible. You can get a lot of elements organised in the lead up to the big day, but it is also important to enjoy the process and this will not happen if you are stressed beyond belief the entire time.

So, get through the planning process but take the time to genuinely enjoy yourself too. After all, this is the biggest party of your life. People are often so focused on making every element of this most special event perfect, that they do not stop to smell the roses nearly enough along the journey to the day. Then, there are the little personal moments and touches that play out on the wedding day that ultimately make the wedding day truly unique. From the speeches, to the first dances, to the playlists and the special moments between the bride, the groom, and their family members or other guests, these are all personal little moments and touches that make the wedding day so memorable. Some couples even go the extra mile, even planning ahead of time to organise to have the flowers from their wedding reception organised into bunches of thank you flowers that are keepsakes for the individuals who helped bring the day together from start to finish.

These are all the little personal touches that make this special event such an incredible time all around, for everyone involved. There is more of a focus on these personal gems than ever with modern couples, and this is the ultimate testament to the importance of enjoying the whole process and the day itself. At the end of the day, your wedding is the ultimate special event that celebrates you and the person you love. That’s it. It really, honestly is that simple. So often, people overcomplicate the entire process and sadly do not end up enjoying it in the moment. So, when it comes your time to plan your wedding, take a deep breath, take a step back, and enjoy the process. Even amid all the chaos, it all comes back to that one simple thing: your relationship. Special events happen all the time in people’s lives, but there is no special event quite like your wedding day. For millions of people, their wedding day is the event that they have been thinking about for years and years.

So, when that day finally arrives, it can be easy to go into overdrive and not allow yourself to truly be in the moment throughout the day. This is one of the saddest yet most common realities of a wedding day, and it happens all too often. When all is said and done, all that should really matter at the end of the day is that you and your partner had a magical day surrounded by the people and animals that matter the most to you. Everything else can be falling apart around you, but if you have the right company on this special event, nothing else really matters. And when you look back on your wedding day, what you will remember the most is the atmosphere and the individuals who made that atmosphere come to vibrant, exhilarating life. Everything else is relative.

The Rise of Ghost Restaurants and Kitchens


Ghost restaurants, sounding intriguing, is a new foodservice concept that has been trending in the US.  With the number of Americans who have chosen to order food by means of delivery services instead of dining in increasing rapidly to an extent that the current restaurants sometimes have trouble filling the demand, more and more family-operated restaurants are being re-modelled to benefit from this growing popularity of ordering out. Concurrently, more restaurants chains are turning to ghost kitchens, virtual kitchens, ghost restaurants or virtual restaurants in response to such highly-sought services. Restaurants failing under these never-seen-before categories are tailored to offer take-out only mostly without storefronts and dining areas. Customers often order dishes from these types of restaurants via food delivery applications offering a variety of foods by different restaurants and have the food delivered to their specified locations.

Typically, a virtual or ghost restaurant operates just like the traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant in the sense that foods are prepared once customers order them. A famous family-owned pizzeria in the US looks like a typical conventional restaurant with red chairs in the dining area and a black-and-white checkered floor. However, in the kitchen, the cooking crew prepares food for four later-established restaurants owned by the same business owner. These four restaurants do not have their own separate, physical spaces, and all the dishes that these restaurants offer are prepared in the same old kitchen and delivered via a third-party application while the pizzeria continues to serve their gourmet pizza to patrons that walk through the door. The owner set up the four restaurants, in a matter of weeks, earlier this year to make sure his business was ahead of this increasing trend. In addition to this operational remodeling by a family-owned business, a variety of major fast-food chains have also started to operate towards this growing trend on varying business models.  

Wendy’s has become the latest fast-food chain to bring up establishing their own ghost kitchens in the US by the end of this year in high food-delivery-demand areas without dining areas or storefronts as well as in areas in which the chain has yet to emerge due to high real-estate costs or other constraints. However, Wendy’s is not the only fast-food chain that is turning to setting up ghost kitchens to increase delivery sales by capitalizing on the increasing demand without having to fork out a large sum of money. 

Other major chains, such as the Halal Guys, Chick-fil-A and Sweetgreen have also started venturing into this trending market. However, instead of establishing their own ghost kitchens, they have partnered with a shared-ghost-kitchen provider, Kitchen United, to offer delivery from shared commercial kitchens. United Kitchen is a start-up that offers kitchen commissaries for restaurants that are planning to enter into the well-performing market by means of delivery or take-out only. This newly-established company has been backed by $50 million in funding from Google and other investors and currently has two locations in Chicago, Pasadena and California respectively. The company has formulated an expansion plan to set up 40 more shared commercial kitchens across the US. 

In addition to United Kitchen, Reef, which is a rebranded company that focuses on providing ghost kitchens, is operating on a different business model.  In lieu of only offering shared commercial kitchens like Kitchen United does to restaurants, Reef operates similar to a restaurant group, leasing ghost kitchens, in the form of trailers, to small restaurant owners while also offering cooks and workers on a fee basis to restaurateurs seeking for additional manpower. Reef places its shared commercial kitchens on the parking lots that the company owns. Currently, one of its parking areas is being occupied by three kitchen trailers leased to eleven different ghost restaurants. 

According to a food industry advisor, this online food ordering market is worth $26.8 billion, which is the fastest-growing source in relation to restaurant sales in the US. Digital orders are increasing approximately 20% each year despite only accounting for 5% of all restaurant orders. Setting up traditional restaurants generally involve high upfront investments and substantial overhead and operating costs. During their operation, these restaurants are also exposed to a higher level of competition. Approximately 26% of independent restaurants fail to survive in their first year. However, ghost restaurants or kitchens do not requirement substantial upfront investments and overhead costs, which in turn results in affordability for consumers. However, the only downside for consumers is that detailed reviews for ghost kitchen or restaurants are limited as most food delivery services only allow their users to rate restaurants with respect to their food quality by means of using a star-rating system. 

Taking into consideration these benefits and the growing demand for food delivery services, ghost restaurants and kitchens have become increasingly popular. Americans are getting more and more choices as the food delivery market undergoes rapid expansion, the extent of which is yet to be known. As the market evolves, these services are expected to become increasingly affordable and convenient for consumers. Given that most food delivery applications have yet to allow their users to upload reviews, consumers wanting to include wine as part of their food orders can check out the wine ratings by Sokolin before proceeding with the purchase.

Technological Impact Revolutionises Modern Home Design


In the last decade or so, the world as we know it has gone through quite a revolution. This revolution has been driven forward, onward, and upward by digitalisation and technological advancement. Today, we live in a world that has been profoundly impacted by all this modernisation, to the point that practically every aspect of life as we know it is different to the way it once was. Even life at home has been given quite the digitally inclined revitalisation. In the past, homes have always been places of comfort and relaxation, and while this has not changed, the ways in which our most private spaces are set out has changed drastically. Like it or not, technological influence is well and truly here to stay, and the modern home is perhaps the most significantly impacted aspect of modern life to face this realisation. Home design has always been important, but now as technological influence comes into the mix, it has become more pronounced and more advanced than ever. Home design is about creating spaces that feel the best and that radiate comfort and efficiency.

Throughout the history of home design, that has been the underlying constant that no matter how much the home design trends atop it have changed and shifted, has remained steadfast. In a modern world where technology rules and the entire world is becoming more and more dependent on technological influence all the time, it has never been as important as it is right now for home design to incorporate technology into the mix in exciting and fresh ways. Today, home design incorporates home technologies like property-wide smart security systems and virtual assistants into the framework of the homes themselves, and that says a lot about where are currently and where we are heading in terms of home design. We crave the convenience and efficiency that home technology offers, and so it has essentially moved into place as our leading home design trend. More to the point, it is a home design “trend” that appears to be outliving all others, proving that it is more of a staple in home design today.

Technological impact has profoundly revolutionised modern home design by essentially taking all the core home design traits that people love, and somehow perfectly encapsulating them into the perfect approach to creating the perfect living spaces at home. Today, home technology is a coveted staple in home design, to the point that buyers and even renters are prioritising their options when looking at potential properties, by looking into the home tech capabilities or scope for potential in the home. If that does not say a whole lot about where we are in terms of expectations for modern home design, then what does? The sheer convenience and overall efficiency of home technology makes it the perfect modern candidate for leading home design staple not only now, but as we move forward into the next era in home design. While some home design trends come and go, it is safe to say that home technology is here to stay.

There is something thrillingly convenient about being able to ask your virtual home assistant to learn more about crawl space encapsulation in your home so you can consider it for further home improvement at your property. Home design is supposed to be perfectly simple, yet charmingly intricate. Home technology somehow manages to walk the line between the two ideals beautifully. Of all the home design trends that have shifted into the position of home design staples out there, home technology is arguably the most effective and the most prominent of all. Welcome to the next era in home design, where you can do it all with the help of the home technologies that are designed and personalised to assist you in making the most out of life at home, in every aspect. More than anything else, this is exciting and thrilling. Home design has never been smarter or more exciting.

The modern world that we are currently living in and navigating our way through has come to fruition largely on the tail of ongoing digitalisation and technological advancement. This is the reality, the truth of the matter. As advancements in technology continued to become more and more pronounced, every aspect of life as we know it has become more and more steadily focused on technological horizons. By incorporating home technology into the home design of modern properties, people are realising the practically limitless scope of potential that home design offers when it is strengthened through home technologies. Today, modern home design is more focused on home technology than ever. Going forward into tomorrow and beyond, there are no signs of this case slowing down any time soon. Home technology is the core of modern home design, and the best is yet to come.

Engagement Rings Are More Personal Than Ever


As far as jewellery goes, you are never likely to own a piece of jewellery that is as important or sentimental as your engagement ring. This is the piece of jewellery that you wear for the rest of your life, and it is a piece of jewellery that symbolises so much, in such a tiny ring. There are so many different engagement (and wedding) ring styles out there, and they all have their own flare and appeal to the right people. Because your engagement ring is the bling you will likely (if not definitively) wear for the rest of your life, there is even more of an emphasis to have a style that you adore – after all, nobody wants to wear an engagement ring that they do not even really like. The industry that sells these precious rings has been going from strength to strength, having enjoyed a phenomenally successful history. It is a history that shows no signs of slowing down its trajectory of ongoing longevity, success, and quality, either. In fact, today, brides and their partners are more involved in the selection and personal design of their ring, than ever.

The bridal jewellery industry is one of the most profitable in the world. In 2017, Tiffany & Co alone sold more than $500 million worth of engagement rings. This is a phenomenal number, and it is one that continues to hold strong, even steadily climbing, with each new year. Jewellery is all about personal taste, style, and design, and nowhere else is this truer than it is in the case of engagement rings. People often spend weeks, even months, searching for the perfect engagement ring, or scouring for ideas to design one from scratch. There is just something unique about engagement rings…the awareness that not only is this a piece of jewellery, but it is a piece of jewellery that people will associate not only your initial engagement, but your status as a married couple, forever (at least aesthetically). In an industry where perfection is prized, but uniqueness is more so, getting the perfect engagement ring can be a time-consuming process.

Have you ever been blinded by the glare of the sparkle coming off someone’s engagement ring? There is something undeniably special about the cushion cut engagement rings, or custom designed bands that feature twisting vines crusted with diamonds. For anyone who has ever dreamed of what their wedding will one day look like, of what their engagement and wedding bands will look like, that first moment after seeing the ring for the first time can be overwhelming in all the best ways. Knowing that the person you love has gone to the effort of finding an engagement ring that they knew you would love, that reminded them of you, that they wanted you to wear for the rest of your lives, is a very special thing. Engagement rings are the most thoughtful piece of jewellery a person can have – nobody buys an engagement ring without seriously thinking about what type of ring they want to invest in.

Today, engagement rings are more personal than ever. Getting engaged is all about the couple specifically, and the ring is the marker of that transitory time between being in a relationship and becoming engaged. Modern brides-to-be are more focused on the thought behind everything than the physical aesthetic of the entire process – and that includes their rings. While every bride loves to have a ring that she adores to look at, there is more and more of an emphasis on rings that are not only beautiful to behold, but also remarkable in their meaning, the symbolism that was behind the choice in the first place. There is an undeniable sense of absolute joy when you find that perfect ring, or when you see it for the first time as your partner is proposing. It is a feeling that is difficult, if not impossible, to mirror in any other circumstances.

Your engagement ring is the most personal and sentimental piece of jewellery you will ever own. The engagement ring that you wear symbolises the promise of a life together that will (hopefully) make you both better and happier people. An engagement ring is special. An engagement ring is sentimental. And these days, an engagement ring is often (if not always) more personal than ever. The industry that sells engagement rings is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. There is something exciting about the sparkle of jewellery, something special about the way it shines in the light. That is never truer than it is in the case of engagement rings. Modern couples are more invested in the selection and design process than ever, and it shows in the incredible and unique ring designs coming out of the woodwork every day. Of all the facets of the jewellery industry, engagement rings make up not only the majority of sales, but the peak of creativity. Engagement rings are more personal – and beautiful – than ever.