Understanding the Growing Trend of Bitcoin Currency Exchange


The digital era has well and truly come to life around us. Modern marvels like digitalisation and technological advancement have become more and more pronounced all the time. So much so, in fact, that today these modern marvels are thought to be more instrumental and prominent than they have ever been. We see the evidence of these modern marvels all around us, all the time, today. More than ever, digitalisation and technological advancement are not only present but are becoming more and more ingrained in the way of the modern world. Practically every aspect of life as we know it and every corresponding industry has found itself having to adapt and embrace these modern marvels in order to realign with the way that the modern world is moving. Think of the innovations in the finance industry that spans the globe, for instance. The finance industry has always been one of the most important industries in the world. Now, that is a point that has arguably never been truer. Within the finance industry, there have been many great innovations over the years (and especially in recent years). 

Cryptocurrency – and namely the globally leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin – is one of the most revolutionary innovations in the industry to date. In fact, in many ways Bitcoin is considered the “founding father” of the cryptocurrency wave. The first cryptocurrency to make it out of the gate and into the market, the Bitcoin network that came hand in hand with Bitcoin itself has been steadily growing ever since. While other cryptocurrencies have since come onto the scene and attempted to take the top spot in the cryptocurrency landscape, the simple fact is that Bitcoin remains the leading digital currency around the globe. Now, the rising trend of Bitcoin currency exchange is taking the financial landscape by storm, with increasingly more options available for buyers and sellers to exchange bitcoin via digital platforms. For example, several apps like the bitcoin up app allow users to track, trade and monitor the bitcoin exchange much like day traders. 

So, what is Bitcoin currency exchange and why does it matter? Essentially, Bitcoin currency exchange refers to the ability for Bitcoin holders to buy, sell, and trade their Bitcoins specifically through platforms like bitcoinlifestyle.io and the Bitcoin blockchain network.

From Bitcoin Euro to Bitcoin Yen, and every Bitcoin in between and beyond, this is an emerging trend that is quickly gaining momentum among Bitcoin holders around the globe. Exchange-built blockchain platforms form the basis for blockchain currency exchange (and cryptocurrency currency exchange in general, for that matter) and they work their magic by essentially allowing Bitcoin holders to take control of their Bitcoin value not just individually but on a global currency exchanging platform. Bitcoin currency exchange essentially allows Bitcoin holders to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin for traditional currencies around the globe. For a long time, the lack of transition between Bitcoin and traditional global currencies was a big gap in Bitcoin’s framework. Now, the solution is seemingly finally here. This allows Bitcoin holders to take back control of their digital currency holdings. These types of digital asset exchanges are all about attracting the attention of as many Bitcoin traders as possible so that the user base is given a boost.

Anyone who has experience with Bitcoin knows that the user base functions as a core driver of Bitcoin profits both per holder and around the globe. When it comes to addressing the question of why Bitcoin currency exchange matters, what it essentially comes down to is the fact that Bitcoin currency exchange allows Bitcoin holders the freedom and flexibility to invest in Bitcoin how, when, and where they want to while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to trade their Bitcoin for traditional currency. It is a whole new world and it is one that is steadily gaining more momentum all the time. This is the future of Bitcoin and of currency exchange and it is a future that is becoming more and more profoundly appreciated and interesting as time goes on. We are seeing a growth in Bitcoin currency exchange right now, however this current growth is likely going to prove to be just a glimpse of what is going to be possible going forward into the future and beyond.

As the digital era has come to fruition, steadily rising up and up, it has also come with many modern marvels, all of which have had their own impact on the way of the world. Digitalisation and technological advancement, for instance, have found themselves revolutionising practically every aspect of life as we know it – and every corresponding industry in the process. The finance industry is without a doubt one of the most heavily impacted and revolutionised industries in the world when it comes to these innovations and their ongoing impact. Of all the great innovations to be felt in the finance industry, the rise of Bitcoin is without a doubt one of the most innovative and momentous to date. Today, Bitcoin currency exchange and the general utilisation of Bitcoin is at an all-time high and it is only expected to get bigger and better as time goes on. This is likely just the start for Bitcoin currency exchange and that is exciting.

Utilisation of IP Location API and Its Value for Online Businesses


We have become more and more invested in and inclined towards the rise of the digital era in recent years. The evidence is all around us and it has been felt in practically every aspect of life as we know it and every corresponding industry. We are living in unprecedented times and while these current circumstances have no doubt come hand in hand with their challenges, they have also proven to be exponentially rewarding. Take the ever-evolving market landscape, for instance. The rise of ecommerce has meant that there has never been a better time to be a business that is able to or already does operate online. Today, online businesses are more prominent than they have ever been, and they are always finding new ways to align themselves with their consumers and to gain more momentum and perspective not only of their own position within their industry, but of the way the industry in question is moving at any given time.

The ever-expanding ecommerce landscape is one that is always evolving from one strength into another. There is a lot to be said about the immense power and hopeful potential of a market landscape that allows individuals and businesses alike to connect and communicate in ways that are more or less triumphant and not too invasive. Different businesses across different industries obviously have their own ways of handling their operations and their relationship with their consumers, however there are some key innovations that seem to hold true across the board and around the globe. Today, ecommerce is a landscape that becomes more and more impressive all the time. Going forward, it is only going to prove to be more of the same (and then some). The innovations that more and more online businesses are gravitating towards today are ones that have proven to be exceptional in their design and intent, not just now but always.

There is one specific innovation that has been gaining massive momentum in recent months among online businesses across the board and around the globe. An IP location API gives online businesses the power by giving them the ability to discover user locations, timezones, IP-addresses, and so much more. All that businesses need to do to implement this innovation is enter a single (simple) line of Javascript code. While it might sound a little controversial (and it has proven to be in some cases in the past), the reality is that the utilisation of IP location API means that businesses are better able to cater their website and app to their consumers, wherever those consumers happen to be in the world. Having access to user locations means that localised deals and products and services of interest are able to be discreetly implemented into the web page with ease. The same is said for timezones and IP-addresses. IP location APIs are all about giving online businesses their best chance to put their best foot forward, every time. To this end, they are tremendously successful.

Because one of the biggest privacy and security issues among businesses and consumers is the immoral and unethical utilisation of personal and otherwise sensitive data, this is a sensitive topic. Now, however, as more online businesses are taking it upon themselves to incorporate IP location API into their business model, there is a stronger and more realistic understanding of what the genuine design, creation, intent, and utilisation of IP location API is actually all about – and that is bridging the gaps between businesses and consumers is genuinely helpful ways that make the overall experience from either side far more enjoyable and seamless. Online businesses are loving IP location API and there are no signs of the utilisation of it slowing down any time soon (if ever). This is the way that the ecommerce world is moving, and online businesses are all about anything that makes their business operate bolder, better, faster, and stronger.

The world as we know it has been in a near-constant state of evolution for years now, with the most drastic changes taking place in recent months. It goes without saying that we are currently navigating our way through decidedly challenging times. Practically every aspect of life as we know it and every corresponding industry has been impacted in some way. This of course includes the commerce market industry. Today, the rise of ecommerce is gaining more and more traction all the time. Businesses that operate online are finding new ways to get the most out of their position in their respective industry, including the decision of some online businesses to utilise IP location APIs. While of course privacy and security have been a controversial point of topic surrounding IP location APIs, they have actually been used largely to better communicate with consumers in ways that feel less invasive and more on point with expectations. This is just the start for the utilisation of IP location APIs.

SAT Exam: A Tool for an Objective and Standardized Method in College Admissions

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The SAT has been a staple of the college application process ever since it was introduced at Harvard almost a hundred years ago. It’s no wonder then, that with more students attending college than ever before, more high school students are taking the SAT than ever before as well. The importance of a college degree has continued to increase, and with it, the meteoric rise of the SAT as a tool used in college admissions. The SAT exam provides colleges with a (supposedly) objective and standardized method of measuring students’ potential and fit for each particular institution, after all.

Many factors contribute to the rise of the SAT besides the rise of the college degree. In fact, now that many states require students to sit for the exam and the College Board provides free testing in school, students almost have no excuse not to take the SAT. While many colleges and universities have switched to being “test optional,” this hasn’t deterred students from taking the exam in the slightest. Why? Well, how many times does optional really mean optional?

In 2019, more than 2.2 million students took the SAT.  In 2020, this number is expected to increase, especially given that the SAT will most likely have to be administered online due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that will prevent traditional testing to take place. While the College Board has come under fire  many times before because of its discriminatory and class-biased approach to the exam, unintentional or not, the number of students taking the test has continued to rise. Of course, the number of students taking the ACT has continued to rise as well.

Testing is simply a cemented part of the college admissions process by now, one that does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. With the College Board’s partnerships with state governments in Idaho, Delaware, Maine, and the District of Columbia, students are sure to be taking the exam in these states at the very least, despite any bad press that the College Board might face. Even if it is flawed, the exam still presents a levelheaded way for colleges to evaluate students, especially given all of the different components that go into the admissions decision.

Beyond that, the College Board has made efforts to support low-income and first-generation students with more access to fee waivers, free preparatory modules online through Khan Academy, and the addition of “Landscape” which provides colleges with context about the applicant’s neighborhood, socioeconomic status, and school, in order to promote fairer admissions. The College Board’s sincere efforts have paid off, with more students now taking the test than ever. But the narrative of higher education being accessible to the rich and white has not been dispelled. Even so, students all over are rallying to take, and achieve high, on the SAT.

In Queens, New York, three brothers are helping these students achieve their desired SAT scores. With branches in both Jackson Heights and Jamaica, the brothers running Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center are ensuring that their students make it to the finish line. Additionally, Bobby-Tariq now provides live-online SAT Prep so students can prep from wherever they want.

With a comprehensive BEAST curriculum, also known as Bobby’s Beast, that was cherry picked by founder and CEO Kukhon Uddin Bobby and his brothers President Tariq Hussain and Vice President Sakib Hussain, students at Bobby-Tariq are given the most up to date, realistic materials to base their studying on. Bobby, Tariq, and Sakib know that the SAT is not an exam that measures intelligence. It’s an exam that measures motivation, grit, and dedication.

In fact, it was famous psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth who coined the term “grit” which means sticking with something until you master it. This is the type of attitude that Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center aims to instill within its students. Not only do tutors provide top quality material and explanations to their students, they also provide motivational speeches and insight that contribute greatly to their exams scores.

“We know the SAT is not an easy test. More than 900,000 students score below national average, so we are here to help students all around the nation. As a matter of fact, we are officially launching live-online SAT Prep in 2020 to provide access to affordable and quality SAT prep to those in need,” said CEO Bobby.

More students are taking the SAT now than ever, and this means that students should aim to score higher in order to set themselves apart. “We train our students with the shortcut strategies to hack hard math, the grammar rules that show up without fail, and other nifty ticks and trips that make their lives so much easier,” said Vice President Sakib.

“You might not think so, but the insight that we provide our students with goes a long way,” said President Tariq. “So much of what they’re doing is new and foreign to them. So much of it is challenging and at times, they want to give up. We acknowledge that and push them to go above and beyond. And it works.”

Students at Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center know the SAT is not an easy test and worry they may not find success. But without fail, these students have scored within the top 5% of all test takers for the last ten years. If there’s a secret to the SAT, these three brothers have mastered it.