How Weddings Became The Ultimate Event


As far as special life events go, weddings are about as special as it gets. In fact, for so many people, their wedding day is the day that they dream about for years and years. This is, after all, the day that you ultimately come together with your favourite person in the world and bring your lives together in one big party that lasts the rest of your lives. The lead up to the big day comes and goes like a flash, and before you know it you are married and you are enjoying the party of a lifetime, with all the glittering bells and whistles to match. And then, before you know it again, the day has come to an end, and suddenly you are living the next big chapter of your life. When all is said and done, your wedding day is without a doubt, one of the most special – if not the most special – days of your life.

Celebrating the love and respect between you and your favourite person, with all the people and animals that mean the most to you in the world, is just about the most magical event you can ever hope for. There are many moving pieces that go into planning and then even enjoying a wedding. First and foremost, weddings demand months and months of planning, and there are hundreds – if not thousands – of decisions that must be made within that time frame, ahead of the wedding day itself. Quite often (if not always) these are the tangible ticks off the list that make the whole special day come together as seamlessly as possible. You can get a lot of elements organised in the lead up to the big day, but it is also important to enjoy the process and this will not happen if you are stressed beyond belief the entire time.

So, get through the planning process but take the time to genuinely enjoy yourself too. After all, this is the biggest party of your life. People are often so focused on making every element of this most special event perfect, that they do not stop to smell the roses nearly enough along the journey to the day. Then, there are the little personal moments and touches that play out on the wedding day that ultimately make the wedding day truly unique. From the speeches, to the first dances, to the playlists and the special moments between the bride, the groom, and their family members or other guests, these are all personal little moments and touches that make the wedding day so memorable. Some couples even go the extra mile, even planning ahead of time to organise to have the flowers from their wedding reception organised into bunches of thank you flowers that are keepsakes for the individuals who helped bring the day together from start to finish.

These are all the little personal touches that make this special event such an incredible time all around, for everyone involved. There is more of a focus on these personal gems than ever with modern couples, and this is the ultimate testament to the importance of enjoying the whole process and the day itself. At the end of the day, your wedding is the ultimate special event that celebrates you and the person you love. That’s it. It really, honestly is that simple. So often, people overcomplicate the entire process and sadly do not end up enjoying it in the moment. So, when it comes your time to plan your wedding, take a deep breath, take a step back, and enjoy the process. Even amid all the chaos, it all comes back to that one simple thing: your relationship. Special events happen all the time in people’s lives, but there is no special event quite like your wedding day. For millions of people, their wedding day is the event that they have been thinking about for years and years.

So, when that day finally arrives, it can be easy to go into overdrive and not allow yourself to truly be in the moment throughout the day. This is one of the saddest yet most common realities of a wedding day, and it happens all too often. When all is said and done, all that should really matter at the end of the day is that you and your partner had a magical day surrounded by the people and animals that matter the most to you. Everything else can be falling apart around you, but if you have the right company on this special event, nothing else really matters. And when you look back on your wedding day, what you will remember the most is the atmosphere and the individuals who made that atmosphere come to vibrant, exhilarating life. Everything else is relative.

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