Engagement Rings Are More Personal Than Ever


As far as jewellery goes, you are never likely to own a piece of jewellery that is as important or sentimental as your engagement ring. This is the piece of jewellery that you wear for the rest of your life, and it is a piece of jewellery that symbolises so much, in such a tiny ring. There are so many different engagement (and wedding) ring styles out there, and they all have their own flare and appeal to the right people. Because your engagement ring is the bling you will likely (if not definitively) wear for the rest of your life, there is even more of an emphasis to have a style that you adore – after all, nobody wants to wear an engagement ring that they do not even really like. The industry that sells these precious rings has been going from strength to strength, having enjoyed a phenomenally successful history. It is a history that shows no signs of slowing down its trajectory of ongoing longevity, success, and quality, either. In fact, today, brides and their partners are more involved in the selection and personal design of their ring, than ever.

The bridal jewellery industry is one of the most profitable in the world. In 2017, Tiffany & Co alone sold more than $500 million worth of engagement rings. This is a phenomenal number, and it is one that continues to hold strong, even steadily climbing, with each new year. Jewellery is all about personal taste, style, and design, and nowhere else is this truer than it is in the case of engagement rings. People often spend weeks, even months, searching for the perfect engagement ring, or scouring for ideas to design one from scratch. There is just something unique about engagement rings…the awareness that not only is this a piece of jewellery, but it is a piece of jewellery that people will associate not only your initial engagement, but your status as a married couple, forever (at least aesthetically). In an industry where perfection is prized, but uniqueness is more so, getting the perfect engagement ring can be a time-consuming process.

Have you ever been blinded by the glare of the sparkle coming off someone’s engagement ring? There is something undeniably special about the cushion cut engagement rings, or custom designed bands that feature twisting vines crusted with diamonds. For anyone who has ever dreamed of what their wedding will one day look like, of what their engagement and wedding bands will look like, that first moment after seeing the ring for the first time can be overwhelming in all the best ways. Knowing that the person you love has gone to the effort of finding an engagement ring that they knew you would love, that reminded them of you, that they wanted you to wear for the rest of your lives, is a very special thing. Engagement rings are the most thoughtful piece of jewellery a person can have – nobody buys an engagement ring without seriously thinking about what type of ring they want to invest in.

Today, engagement rings are more personal than ever. Getting engaged is all about the couple specifically, and the ring is the marker of that transitory time between being in a relationship and becoming engaged. Modern brides-to-be are more focused on the thought behind everything than the physical aesthetic of the entire process – and that includes their rings. While every bride loves to have a ring that she adores to look at, there is more and more of an emphasis on rings that are not only beautiful to behold, but also remarkable in their meaning, the symbolism that was behind the choice in the first place. There is an undeniable sense of absolute joy when you find that perfect ring, or when you see it for the first time as your partner is proposing. It is a feeling that is difficult, if not impossible, to mirror in any other circumstances.

Your engagement ring is the most personal and sentimental piece of jewellery you will ever own. The engagement ring that you wear symbolises the promise of a life together that will (hopefully) make you both better and happier people. An engagement ring is special. An engagement ring is sentimental. And these days, an engagement ring is often (if not always) more personal than ever. The industry that sells engagement rings is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. There is something exciting about the sparkle of jewellery, something special about the way it shines in the light. That is never truer than it is in the case of engagement rings. Modern couples are more invested in the selection and design process than ever, and it shows in the incredible and unique ring designs coming out of the woodwork every day. Of all the facets of the jewellery industry, engagement rings make up not only the majority of sales, but the peak of creativity. Engagement rings are more personal – and beautiful – than ever.

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