Impact of Overseas Studies On Skills and Employability


The modern approach to education is one that, quite frankly, is still taking shape. The modern era that we now live in is one that has, without a doubt, taken hold of modern marvels digitalisation and technological advancement. We are more interconnected than ever, and a large part of the reason why that is, centres around the truth that technology has changed life as we knew it. Today, every aspect of modern life – including, as it turns out, education and travel respectively – is changing significantly, and the transformations are far from over. In the education industry, one of the most prominent evolutions is the introduction of mainstream abroad study. While students have been studying overseas for a while, this is a concept that has only relatively recently taken flight, becoming a mainstream sensation all around the globe. Making the decision to study overseas is not a decision to take lightly. Temporarily uprooting your life to maintain your studies while simultaneously exploring a new part of the world takes courage, guts, and determination – but alas, it is a trend that is continuously on the rise.

It is not uncommon for a student to want to quite literally run away when they are stressed out of their minds, thinking “I wish I didn’t have to write my research paper at this same old desk, in this same old place”. What has been uncommon, at least up until recently, is the number of students who actually take action on that thought, researching and then applying to study overseas for a change of pace and a life experience that will inspire them to continue to work hard towards their degree. Now, it is more surprising to encounter someone who knows nobody who has taken on abroad study – even if it is not they themselves. Around the globe, more and more eager and bright-eyed students are taking on the challenge of taking their studies across the ocean for a semester or two. There is an undeniable appeal in travelling abroad that seeks to expose students to a whole new world, while allowing them to live and continue learning (essentially, giving those students the best of both worlds, both collectively and respectively).

The appeal of studying abroad is one that continues to attract the attention of students from all over the world, but why exactly is that? At the end of the day, there is something profoundly exciting about going on an academic endeavour that seeks to give you the chance to better yourself in every sense, while allowing you to continue flourishing academically. Students who study abroad are often the very same individuals who are willing and able to jump out of their comfort zone and take a leap of faith to explore something exciting and fresh. And what could be more exciting and fresh than experiencing a new part of the world while you simultaneously work towards the future you have been building up to through your studies? As if that were not appealing enough, there is a definitive appeal in doing something different than your peers, while maintaining the same level of course content – what better way is there to be inspired by your studies than to study in a beautiful inspiring setting?

And then there is the professional edge that studying abroad gives you. Having a real-world experience on your resume throughout your academic career makes you stand out to potential employers once you graduate, and it does not get much more “real-world” than opting away from the traditional education experience and instead gravitating towards the more unique academic journey. You meet people you never would have otherwise, you exponentially expand your global network, you see the world, and you grow not only academically and intellectually, but personally. All these reasons and more are the bread and butter that ultimately make studying abroad such an appealing approach to modern education. If ever there was a take on education that perfectly balances between traditional ideals and modern perceptions, it is without a doubt studying abroad study. Amid the rise of a modern era that is paved with good intentions and technological enhancements, it should come as no surprise that the world we live in today is more interconnected than ever.

Practically every industry there is – including, as it turns out education and travel respectively – has undergone its fair share of transformation. In education, one of the most prominent (and ongoing) transformations thus far is the mainstream introduction and ongoing rising popularity of studying abroad. Students have been choosing to study overseas for a while, but in recent years it has become a global sensation, with thousands upon thousands of eager students applying to study somewhere new and exciting for a semester or two. Studying abroad is not for the faint hearted, but for those who do take the leap of faith, it is more rewarding than you could ever imagine. The rise of abroad study continues to surge, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

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