Social Media Gives the Travel Industry the Ultimate Free Marketing


Travel (also known as the art of the chase). There is something definitively exciting about the allure of getting to see the world. Over the years, the number of avid travellers has continued to grow and grow, and today it seems that quite literally everyone wants to travel to some place, at some point, for some amount of time. There really is a certain unique type of magic that continues to draw people in and prove itself to be unforgettable. The travel industry has never been one that has exactly struggled to maintain its integrity, but there have certainly been times where travel has been on the definitive backburner for many, many people. It is rarely (if ever) by choice, but even so, the point remains the same. Travel is one of the most enduring industries in the world, and it will continue to be for quite some time. However, in recent years, travel has become more and more popular, and it is all thanks to the introduction and ongoing depth of the rise of the social media age. But what does social media have to do with travel?

Whether it is solo travel or adventuring with loved ones, it is safe to say that travelling is the adventure that practically everyone wants a piece of. This has always been the case. However, in recent years, as social media has become more and more popular around the world, it has become easier and easier for people to map out all their travel experiences, from the global sensations to the hidden gems. Social media has essentially created a marketing platform for the travel industry that requires practically no upkeep or industry intervention – it is all carried out through visual marketing objectives and word-of-mouth reviews, in real time, in one place. That is the magic of social media, and that is the allure of travel in the modern world that we have built and maintained for ourselves. Everybody has different travel bucket list ticks, and social media essentially provides a place to not only share those bucket list ticks when they have finally been achieved yourself, but to enjoy and experience it from the perspective of other travellers – many of which you have not personally met (yet).

Whether it is camel riding holidays in the desert, or underwater explorations of reefs and wrecks around the world, or any number of travel adventures in between, it seems that more and more these days, we capture these moments in time just a much for our social media and our followers, as we do for ourselves. The appeal in travelling is that you can obviously experience exciting places and moments, but it is also about knowing how you can best approach those moments in the lead up. that has been made easier than ever through the ongoing longevity and success of social media innovation and motivation. Travel is the ultimate industry, and social media is now the ultimate modern marketing strategy. Together, they form an indestructible force, creating the greatest clash of the titans turned power team that there has ever been. More than ever before, travel is the hottest commodity around, and that is (at least partially) thanks to social media.

Travel is one of the most dominant hashtags on Instagram. Boasting 439 million posts and always counting, travel is the world’s hottest commodity, the biggest dream. Being able to log into one’s social media and see an instantaneous real-time catalogue of destinations and experiences happening to those around them and those they look up to, is in many ways the ultimate form of wanderlust. Whether you are planning your own dream trip abroad or throughout your home country, or eagerly dreaming of the next time you will be able to take off on your next big adventure, there is something exciting about being able to see the places near and far, in real-time, even if you are not there yourself. It creates a sense of hope and determination to get to those places yourself, to tick them off your travel bucket list, and to make your own memories in the places so beautiful that they do not need filters to bring out their shine.

Travel is one of the most globally popular adventures of the world. In fact, for many people, it is the ultimate adventure. There is power in taking off to explore the big, wide world, and a lot of that power hinges on the distinct appeal of being able to take in all the destinations and experiences you have seen elsewhere, for yourself. This is a notion that, since the introduction and ongoing exploration of the social media age, has become more and more prominent all over the world. These days, a large appeal of travel is knowing that you can log onto social media at any time, type in a destination or experience, and get a real-time catalogue of others being there or doing that, on your form. This is the ultimate instigator of wanderlust, and it is everywhere. Social media has done for travel what it has done for modern businesses: create the ultimate form of 24/7 marketing that essentially runs itself with little need for human interference. And the world loves it, we crave it, we chase it.

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