Interaction Design Foundation Paving the Way for New Frontier in Education


When it comes to understanding the fragile state of higher education as it stands today, and the impact having access to that education can have on eager learners, Interaction Design Foundation have a distinctive lead. This is an institution that is wholeheartedly dedicated to creating a new frontier in Ivy League-level education that is not only globally accessible, but far more financially inclusive as well. Originally started back in 2002, this is a non-profit organisation that, in the years since (and still even now), has effectively created a low-cost, high-quality approach to education that transforms how individuals learn to master the art of design. Historically speaking, design school has always been one of the most coveted fields in academics, and while this is still the case, this is a company that is leading the way to a new frontier in understanding and perfecting a more wholly inclusive approach to education.

Interaction Design Foundation is a company that is revolutionising what it means to have ample and fair access to design school. Using online UX design courses to provide students with top-quality information and materials, the aim of the game for this awe-inspiring company is to lower costs while raising the standards of inclusive design education to Ivy league expectations. To many people, it sounds like the ultimate paradox, and perhaps it is in some ways, but at the end of the day, the goal is humble as it is ambitious – strange as that may sound. The founders and the people behind the scenes at Interaction Design Foundation have this goal in mind, and that goal is hinged on the ability and desire to create an approach to design academics that encapsulates the high quality of the top tiers of education, while making it available to the many people through cost-effective online education foundations.

The nature of Ivy League education today is shrouded in exclusivity and expense, and it is these very barriers that Interaction Design Foundation seeks to break down for its design students. While the Ivy League is exceptional, even remarkable, in many ways, it lacks diversity in practically every way that matters, and companies like Interaction Design Foundation break effectively fill in the gaps and create a more wholesome approach to education, that does not seek to sacrifice quality on any level. That is made possible by the introduction and utilisation of online design courses. Costing a fraction of what traditional education costs to administer and bolster, these courses are more cost-effective for students to undertake as well. Members (i.e. students) have access to free design-related textbooks and mother materials, as well as comprehensive, instructor-led online courses. It is a revelation. 

While Interaction Design Foundation is an organisation dedicated to the art of design education, the hope is ultimately that it will not only continue to change the global standard for design education everywhere, but also education as a whole. Dedicated to the pursuit of quality education at inclusive levels, on every level, this is how this institution is striving – and succeeding handsomely – in making a tangible difference, and working to create a new frontier in design education (and education in general). Students the world over are now able to access cost-effective courses and course materials for a fraction of the cost of traditional education. In addition, they are also given unlimited access to professional instructors who can guide students through the material and give them all the assistance they need along the way. A marvel in modern standards in higher education, this is just the beginning. 

Interaction Design Foundation was built to kick-start and continue growing something special, that sought to change the way design students learn and absorb information. Never has there been an approach to design education that is as exciting, as inclusive, and as wholesome as that of the Interaction Design Foundation. An all-new frontier in design education, this is just the beginning for everything this company stands for, and what its constructs can teach higher education (and education in general, for that matter) about providing both learning and teaching methods and models, at high-quality and low-cost innovations. If this is just the beginning for the new era in design education, there is no telling just how big and bright it will continue to flourish and thrive into. 

Interaction Design Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was originally founded in 2002, with the goal of building a low-cost, high-quality approach to education that rivalled the Ivy Leagues, without the exclusivity and high expenses associated with Ivy League institutions. In the seventeen years (and ongoing) since, Interaction Design Foundation has famously cemented and expanded upon a reputation for itself that has come to be known all over the world, as well as boasting one of the largest UX design communities in the world. It is an accomplishment that is worth its weight in gold, and it is even still working wonders to create a new frontier in design education that not only changes academics for design students, but hopefully becomes a catalyst for educational standards everywhere in the near future.

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