Companies Leading the Way to Healthier Workforce


The modern workforce is remarkably different to the one that has existed in previous decades. We live in the beginning of the digital era, and with the evolution into this era has come the inevitable change and consequential shift that has changed every facet of life, from life at home, to the way we work, and everywhere in between. In the case of work, it has changed drastically, with the modern workforce being a healthier representation of where work is going next. Regardless of if your career pathway is dedicating your professional life to the arts, or getting a job as a dental assistant (or any manner of other job pathways, for that matter) it is not nearly as difficult to manage in collaboration with life at home, as it once was. More and more, practically all industries are working towards ensuring that employees have a healthier work/life balance – something that, in previous years, has unfortunately not necessarily been a priority. Finally, the wheels are turning, and the industries that make up the workforce are seeing and valuing the importance of a healthier workforce all around.

Demanding careers shaking up the workplace with more flexible schedules

Take the dentistry industry, for example. This is an industry that is dedicated towards dental health, and it can be a particularly demanding job at times. Teeth, like all aspects of health, are in consistent need of upkeep to keep them at their best. Dentistry companies can get quite busy, and the result of those busy periods is a surging sense of demand on the shoulders of those who work at, or own, those dentistry businesses. But now, even these demanding companies are seeing the light and making positive steps in the right direction. Companies are increasingly geared towards ensuring that their employees have a greater work/life balance. This is achieved through allowing them to create their own schedule, set their own rates, and choose their work location. Just one example, it is a great one of how the workforce is changing. But this is a movement that is impacting all industries, and it is calling for a drastic change that will see a healthier and happier workforce from all angles.

Remote work becoming increasingly common

Consider the rise of the remote workforce. If ever there was one, this is the primary example of how a modern take on the workplace can increase quality of life and work/life balance a million times over. The remote workforce is one that is driven largely by millennials and the other younger generations. These are individuals who have grown up surrounded by and immersed in technological efficiencies and digital innovations, and they expect their professional environments to mirror these ideals. Moreover, they do not want to spend their days working overtime for little to no extra pay or bonuses, and they want to actually enjoy their lives. So, the remote workplace has come into play, and it continues to draw the attention of millions of people all over the world. Remote careers are the ultimate in work/life balance, as all individuals need to do their jobs is a skillset, a reliable device, and a steady (and preferably quick) internet connection. This is a taste of what the future workforce looks like, and it is very exciting, to say the least.

Employee mental health is being prioritised

While all businesses exist to serve consumers, we must also remember that the health, quality of life, and wellbeing of those working in those businesses is just as important. Just as the individuals who go to these businesses to have their needs and wants met are people, those who work within those companies and industries are people, too. No matter the industry, no matter the company, there is a growing realisation that there must be more to life than working to sustain that life. People are demanding and desperate for change, and it is finally coming. While it is currently an impressive start to a promising future for the modern workforce, it is likely going to prove to be the humble beginnings of said workforce down the line. And people are rejoicing at the fact, and embracing their newfound realities. Never has working been as easy to balance in coordination with life outside of work (for the most part). There is still a lot of work to do before this is a workforce-wide movement on a global scale, the new norm on all fronts, but this is an incredibly positive start.

Technology disrupting the workplace

The way that we work is just one aspect of life that has drastically changed under the weight of technological advancement and rapid digitalisation in recent years, but it is definitely one of the most important. For generations, the workforce was one that was actively engaged towards a broad structure of life at work, and while for many years this presented little challenge, it has since been fundamentally proven to be damaging in some cases. It goes without saying that life at work can be stressful at times, presenting many challenges and hurdles along the way. But there should still be room to enjoy life without always having some part of you pulled back into the professional mindset that comes with work. Now, finally, that is a mindset that is increasingly coming to fruition. The modern workforce is geared more and more towards embracing and encouraging a healthy work/life balance, and that is how it should be. While there is still work to be done, this is a promising start.

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