International Surge in Solo Travel Adventurers


Travel is something that we all want to experience, in some way, shape, or form. In travel, we often find the sense of adventure and excitement that sometimes tends to lack due to the necessity of balancing work and life in general. Travel can be the perfect solution to any problem. If you need to get your head out of the books for a long weekend, a road trip up the coastline could be perfect. If you want to backpack around the world, a global trip starting in Australia or Europe fits the bills. For adventures with family, or relaxing with friends, a camping trip can be the perfect anecdote to the chaos that is an inevitability throughout life. We all want to get away sometimes, and often the best way to do that is to literally pick up and get away. Of course, owing to the nature of the standard work/life balancing act we are all juggling, it can sometimes be difficult to etch out the perfect escape that suits everyone’s schedules. For this reason, there is an ongoing international surge in solo travel adventurers.

There is a growing trend in travelling solo that is capturing the hearts and the minds of eager adventurers the world over. While there will always be a unique magic to travelling, and experiencing life and all it has to offer with loved ones, there is an unparalleled sense of appreciation and achievement that comes with stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, and into the wild world that surrounds us all. Solo travel allows you the chance to see the world from a lens of your sole creation, and that is something that is at once empowering and profound. Seeing the world without someone else on your tail gives you a deeper sense of appreciation for all the world is, all that it offers, and all that is made possible by its very existence. We are but a small piece of a monumental planet, and travelling alone encourages and embraces the appreciation of that fact.

The world is a big, wide place that is full of adventure and promise, and those that take it upon themselves to travel it on their own – even if only once – experience not only the world to themselves, but the world within themselves as well. We are all driven to understand what it is about this big, wide world that we love so much, and solo travel gives you the chance to understand it on a deeper, more personal level. When you travel on your own, there is a keen, undeniable sense of understanding now just how the world around you works, but how you work as a piece of it, and as an individual that is finding their way through the world. This sense of self-discovery is one that is unrivalled, and it keeps drawing more and more adventurous souls into the throes of its reaches. And sometimes, solo travel is the push that even the most introverted people need to leap out of their self-imposed boundaries and embrace the unfamiliar in exciting and new ways.

The rise in solo travellers taking the world by storm is the result of a building sense of urgency to see all the world has to offer, in due course. There has never been a time where travelling the world solo has been such a coveted experience, and it is a motion that is likely only going to continue to bloom and flourish further and further as time goes on. In a world that is hinged on self-respect, love for the environment, adventure, and compassion, solo travel is the perfect solution for many of life’s big questions. There is little that cannot be put into perspective when one is travelling the road less travelled, in an entirely new place, with no company but the backpack on their backs and the phones tucked into their pockets. If nothing else, solo travel encourages us all to trust ourselves more, and to embrace the unknown in unprecedented and wild ways, always.

We all love to see the world in our own way. Whether that is through backpacking adventures or by the big blue sea, or any other manner of escapes in between, is never the point. The point of travel is to open our souls wide open to new experiences, to delve in the unexplored, to adventure in the great, wide unknown. And for more and more people, they are realising the potential in travelling the world on their own, on their own terms. Solo travel is a notion that has been steadily gaining traction over the years, and it is now in full swing. All over the world, more and more individuals are being driven to explore the great unknown solo, and it is no at all difficult to understand why. In solo travel, there is a sense of complete freedom that comes with travelling on one’s own terms, without having to cater to the needs or schedules of anyone else. There is power in travelling solo, and it is that power that has captured the hearts and minds of adventurers the world over.

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