Maintaining a Healthy Diet and Exercise to Achieve Peak Health


There is something intriguing about the way that we approach health. The way that we treat our bodies has a genuine, significant effect on our quality of life. Our health is paramount to, quite literally, everything. And yet, despite this fact, we are facing perhaps our unhealthiest era ever. More and more often, people are taking their good health for granted, and whether intentional or not, this has become a global problem. When something is taken for granted (in this case, one’s health), the individual tends to treat it as less of a priority. This can lead to negative responses. In the case of our health, it can even lead to unhealthy consequences, and in the most severe of cases, premature fatality. So, how can we best care for our bodies? There are the obvious anecdotes: get your regular health check-ups, seek professional help when you are feeling under the weather (either mentally or physically), surround yourself with positive people, and engage in positive environments. And then there is diet and exercise.

So many people live with the mindset of, “I can start tomorrow”. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this, what often ends up happening is that tomorrow dwindles on forever…even with the best intentions, many people find themselves “too busy” to slow down just long enough to eat a balanced diet, and commit to their exercise routines. To be fair, modern individuals are busier than ever, so it is indeed true that there is less time in the day, but it all comes down to priorities. And further, the truth is that some people do everything right, do everything in their power to achieve peak fitness and health, and still are unable to achieve and maintain it. It is not fair. However, even for these people, there is comfort in knowing that still doing all these things, still committing to their health journey wholeheartedly as much as possible, can make the world of difference. Everyone can indeed achieve their peak level of health possible for themselves as individuals, if they are willing and able to do the work to get there.

The human body is an incredible thing. We are a species built for hunting, gathering (whether this means gathering berries and edible flowers and grasses while in the wilderness, or gathering cannabis seeds to harvest them organically oneself, for instance), travelling, and wandering. This is the scientific truth that binds us to what we were created for. Our bodies are built to withstand constant exertion and movement. With this in mind, it is important to remember that how we treat our bodies has a significant impact on our quality of life. The diet that one subscribes to has a genuine and significant impact on how that person feels, acts, responds, and even how they look. Eating a healthy diet does not have to mean cutting out all the treats, either. The ideal healthy diet is obviously the one that works the best for the individual and their specific lifestyle and needs. However, more and more there is a growing consensus that the ultimate healthy diet is one that consists of largely healthy foods and drinks, in balance in treats and other less healthy items in moderation.

A healthy diet allows the body to function at its best and most reliable. Fuelling our bodies with healthy foods and drinks ensures that our bodies can process them naturally, rather than having to work overtime to process them more slowly. Similar to diet, exercise is important to overall health because it gives the body the movement and arching adrenaline that it thrives on. Exercising at least thirty minutes a day is the official recommended amount, but of course anything is better than nothing, so regardless of if one can commit a few minutes or a few hours to their exercise regime on the daily (or at the very least, at least four to five times a week, periodically), they are already on track to achieving a healthier lifestyle. The best part about diet and exercise is that while they both work well individually, they work extremely effectively in collaboration with one another, allowing an individual to achieve maximum results on an ongoing basis. Understanding and adequately responding to our bodies is something that many people struggle with. This is not shocking news. This has been the case for many years. However, what is changing now is the awareness and in-depth understanding that people have about the importance of staying on top of their overall health.

The more studies and research that is carried out, the more prominently acknowledged the truth becomes. Our health is paramount, it is the foundation and the building blocks that create our quality of life, and when it begins to break down, our bodies do too. It is so important to take care of our overall health. The best way to do that is by taking care of our bodies, in every sense of the concept. This means keeping up-to-date with, and going to our health check-ups, eating a balanced, healthy diet, and maintaining a routine of exercise that we are comfortable with and driven by. Of course, sometimes the cards are drawn and doing everything right still is not enough to achieve the health we want for ourselves, but doing all these things certainly helps us achieve the peak level of health possible to ourselves as individuals. And that is important and special.

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