Adequately Addressing the Global Epidemic That Is Mental Health Strain

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Health is a topic that the world has grown to become definitively obsessed with. Over the years, as we have conducted more studies, done more research, and gone further out of our way to discover more about the world of health, we have gotten to the point where we are positively immersed in all the information we have learnt over time. More than any other aspect of health awareness, is the knowledge of our physical health. We live in a world that has placed so much emphasis on taking care of our physical health, that we have become positively obsessed with ensuring our physical health is given the utmost care. While this is of course a positive, there is a shadow cast over other aspects of overall health, with arguably the most affected of all being mental health. It is not exactly difficult to understand why this is. Physical health often manifests on the surface. On the other hand, mental health is quite the opposite. Couple this with the fact that mental health is often (incorrectly and unfairly) treated as a pinpoint of weakness in individuals, and it is not at all difficult to understand how or why mental health strain has reached epidemic proportions on a global scale.

Mental health has been a topic of struggle for centuries. And over time, the topic of mental health is one that has been subject to much debate. While even now there is a lingering stigma that suggests that mental health struggle is a circumstance that affects the weak, the reality is that mental health strain can (and does) affect anyone, anywhere, any time. Anything can set off a chain reaction of mental health challenges, from the results of an STD test, to disappointment when one does not get the results from themselves that they wanted in a school examination (or any other manner of things). If left unchecked, it can often evolve, effectively morphing into a snowball effect that becomes exceedingly difficult to escape from. The reasons behind mental health struggle differ drastically from person to person, but ultimately what it comes down to is a chink forming in an individual’s armour. Mental health strain is not a symptom of weakness, but rather a sign that a person has been strong for too long in challenging circumstances.

Not only is mental health as a broad topic of discussion a serious issue, but it is one that is unfortunately immersed in a stigma that still remains to this day. In 2019, it is frankly astounding that there is still a stigma surrounded such an incredibly serious health issue. Unbelievably, we live in a world that is still struggling to change its views on mental health, and the effects of this lagging shift are devastating, even fatal in some cases. People are reaching out for help more than ever before, but they must be met with understanding and willingness to help, for any assistance to have any lasting effects. Thankfully, the tides are finally turning, but there is a lot of work still to be done. The outdated (and frankly never warranted) stigma surrounding mental health is on the way out the door, but there is still a lot of ground work to be done before it dissipates entirely. The stability of mental health is so overwhelmingly negative that it has reached epidemic proportions, and now it is our job to work towards reversing the damage until it disappears entirely.

Mental health is an incredibly important topic that does not get nearly as much attention or basic awareness as it should. When there are literally millions of individuals all around the world who are grappling with their mental health, there is no excuse not to be anything but honest and open about it. We live in a time where we have more of a platform to raise awareness, raise our voices, and make them count towards the causes and issues that matter the most to us. And we must use our voices to make lasting, positive impact. Anything less is simply not good enough. There is an overwhelming awareness that mental health is more of a prominent issue than ever before, and it is the responsibility of all of us to do our part to ensure that we are working towards viable solutions, rather than whispering in dark corners where no one can hear us, where there is no way for impact to spread.

The world that we live in today is one that has become exceedingly obsessed with health. It seems that, no matter where one looks, every other day there is a new finding in relation to physical health, a new study on the links between health and wellness. Throughout all this constantly-flurrying activity, one aspect of overall health that is often overlooked – and unfortunately quite often misunderstood – is mental health. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, but for multiple reasons it has sadly not gained as much awareness or understanding in the media and the public eye. Now, finally, times are changing. Today, there is a growing body of research, in addition to countless field studies, that prove not only that mental health is incredibly important to the balance of our overall health, but also that it is just as dangerous – if not more so – than physical health, when not taken adequate care of. With the awareness under our belts, and the information in our corner, the time was yesterday for change – but better late than never, right?

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