Amazon makes the leap to home services in bid to expand global reach


It takes a lot of willpower, research, and innovation to master and essentially become the titan of industry in any sector, these days. Companies do not get to that level without hard core dedication and an innate understanding of the industry they are trying to rule. There have been many companies that successfully took the reins in their industries, going on to become forces to be reckoned with. Amazon is one of them. While other companies struggle to earn their place on the podium in a specific sector, Amazon has gone and achieved it with relative ease, being intent on becoming the best of the best. The titan of industry achieved this, which is a monumental achievement in itself. Being in the business of devices and goods (think home technology devices or books, for example), Amazon more than earned its place as the titan of industry for this specified cause.

That would be enough for most companies. But Amazon has gone and leapt out of the ring and out of its comfort zone entirely, now taking its first steps into the home services sector. Home services is quite a broad term, but essentially it refers to any service that directly benefits the home and those who reside in it. From babysitting and home chefs, to cleaning services and deliver-to-your-door laundry services, the business of home services is a thriving one. In this modern era where the average homeowner is busier than ever, demand for home services has never been higher. Amazon has taken note of this, seen an opportunity to expand its reaches, and taken hold of it definitively. It is one thing to build an empire on goods including books and home technology devices, but it is another thing entirely to jump out of that empire’s comfort done and expand the company’s reach to services. And yet that is exactly what Amazon is in the process of doing.

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the strongest companies to come to fruition from the rise of technology. Built around the core notion of providing consumers with limitless access to devices and products, Amazon more than earned its reputation and its standing in its industry. This is a strong company, built around solid morals and fine points. The company’s push into home services may come as a surprise to some, but realistically the move makes total sense. That is not to say that the move was not bold, because it definitely was. Many successful companies have gone to expand their services and products, and had it fail spectacularly. In saying this, there are also many companies who have made the leap and reaped the benefits because of their choice. Here’s the thing. The modern home is all about connectivity and efficiency. Home services and home technology are the gifts that everyone wants under the trees this year. Amazon has nailed down the home technology offerings, but it is the home services offerings that they now aim to flourish in.

Because Amazon was initiated as a product-based online company, any moves that it wants to make should be primarily customer experience-based. This is because of the company’s unyielding success as a business that values and strives to achieve the consumer experience at every transaction. As Amazon continues to move towards home services, they should be careful to ensure that their home service offerings align comfortably with the products they already sell. The reason why is very simple: Amazon customers are used to simple transactions, and so adding in home services will not work as an expansion strategy unless those services are easy to understand and correlate with what the consumer is already familiar with. It makes no sense to introduce a new innovative measure like home services if the process is not going to be seamless. Having the available home services linking to products that Amazon offers will create the desired seamless user experience.

Home services are not a new concept. Services like house cleaning and in-house chefs are quite popular – especially in some parts of the western world. However, home services are a new concept for titan of online retail, Amazon. Amazon is a company that has built its empire around the notion that all devices and products are sold easily and with a consumer promise attached. While Amazon’s move to integrate home services into its business model is bold, it is also innovative and exciting. If they can make the transition successful by listening to the consumer, and weaving together their devices and products with available home services, they will come out on top and rein over two industries, as opposed to just the one. A business model that is at once both exhilarating and gutsy, this latest addition to Amazon’s global reach is sure to be interesting as it moves further into place.

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