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Running a startup or getting an idea off the ground is an achievement in itself. Ideas born of creativity and a need in the market are ones that have the power to propel themselves to global recognition, but even these ideas need a little help. That is where digital marketing comes into play. Digital marketing is the modern era’s version of print marketing; whereas past generations responded best to marketing techniques such as email or pamphlet deliveries, this modern generation responds best to digitally-enhanced marketing spectres, including (but not limited to) video and photo imagery on websites, chatbots to make shopping easier, and social media marketing. While traditional marketing processes will likely always have a place in the market, digital marketing is proving its value time and again, and is likely to remain the reigning marketing tactic for the foreseeable future – especially as we move into a more digitally-focused future.

There is something to be said about succeeding in taking an idea from its inception to reality in what is a competitive world, and the right marketing tactic can – and often does – make the difference between an idea that is fleeting and a concept that becomes a staple of its industry.

In countries such as Germany – where the term online geld verdinien is used for making money online in such platforms as BitQT website – entrepeneurs are also using several tactics to convert their ideas in profitable events, to lift their company off the ground.

Digital marketing is one of the most brilliant ways to bring awareness to a promising concept or product in early development as was the case with the bitcoin revolution website. CEO of InventHelp, Robert Susa, says “tying your invention to an emerging or existing trend that is influencing customer behaviour can be a great way to heighten customer interest and drive sales”. Digital marketing is this era’s print marketing, the king of the advertising and marketing industry.

For example, the biggest digital marketing trend right now is social media marketing. More than ever, consumers are responding better to marketing trends that are aesthetically appealing and require little research. A picture or video on Instagram, for example, takes at most a minute to show off a product, and consumers then click on the link in the description and buy it. We live in an era of convenience-first ideologies, and social media marketing is digital marketing’s dark horse that has risen and taken control, effectively launching ideas and products into the global stratosphere by exposing them on a digital platform that has the power to draw in consumers the world over. Companies like InventHelp understand this, and they work towards putting it into action to give great thinkers the best chance at success.

The marketing industry is evolving at such a rapid rate that it is difficult at times to be sure which marketing tactics are currently the most effective at any given time. Because of this rapid development, it can difficult for inventors and entrepreneurs to solidify an understanding of marketing trends that work, ones that don’t, and how all marketing trends can directly impact the idea. When they misuse marketing tactics, it can send the idea shooting backwards instead of forwards, creating a devastating effect of consequential failure. Even the best ideas can fail without adequate marketing and industry and consumer backing. It can be incredibly beneficial to reach out to a company like InventHelp to get a foot in the door of the industry.

Many entrepreneurs and inventors overlook asking for help because their either refuse to acknowledge that they need it, or they genuinely do not feel as though they need assistance. It can prove to be a fatal mistake. The ebb and flow of the marketing industry inevitably means that having a firm grasp on industry marketing takes at any given time is difficult, and many great ideas fail to launch in this way. Digital marketing has changed the way that marketers brand and market their products, organisations, or ideas. Companies like InventHelp have made the channels available to these marketers, entrepreneurs, and inventors more obvious, providing the professionalism to get their ideas heard, and they really do have the best interests of their clients at heart. For example, InventHelp does not guarantee that they can achieve a financial return on any idea, but instead they specialise in ensuring that the great ideas and inventions of talented individuals at the very least are able to get in the door. A strong foothold is all they promise, and that is more valuable than anything else a company like that can offer. You cannot market an idea to somebody that is not interested in listening, and InventHelp helps the thinkers get a foothold that ensures someone in the industry will notice their work, and then the digital marketing can really begin.

Digital marketing is the modern era’s version of print marketing. Where once consumers best responded to print marketing in the forms of lengthy email promotions and pamphlet deliveries, the modern society is different. Consumers today do not have the time or patience to read bulky text-long marketing tactics; instead, they want convenience and efficiency. This is the reason that digital marketing techniques are flourishing so vibrantly in this modern marketing space – techniques like social media marketing and video tell the marketing angle with a picture or video footage, requiring little to no hard work on the consumer’s part. This is the future of marketing, and it is blazing with glory and efficiency, ripe for easy access.

2 thoughts on “Bringing ideas to the world with Inventhelp

  • November 19, 2018 at 11:26 am

    Social media marketing is huge right now and no wonder. I don’t remember the last time that I paid attention to a TV commercial or read ads that I’m getting in the mail every week. If Inventhelp inventors want to be successful they have to have a strong social media presence.

  • November 19, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    I think it’s great that you can get assistance from professionals like Inventhelp. Even if they don’t guarantee that your invention will become a success, they still do a lot for their inventors. I’ve recently seen their Inventhelp commercials on Youtube so they’re definitely on board with the social media trends.

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