Personal security companies on the rise due to privacy issues and safety concerns


For some citizens, having close protection is necessary. Depending on their life situation, it may require extra personal security in the form of bodyguards. They may need complete security such as the use of surveillance technology and a personal group of bodyguards to escort them to varying locations. Typically, individuals who require this type of constant protection are politicians, country ambassadors, high-ranking military personnel, businessmen, or celebrities. Often legal cases that gain large media attention may require the use of close protection due to the fact that the plaintiff or defendant may be in danger as they are the center of the public controversy. Personal security companies are there to provide whatever protection an individual, group, or business requires. For many retailers, they often require a high amount of protection due to the fact that many people try to commit theft or cause harmful damages to the business. For this reason, it is wise for any business, especially larger ones, to invest in some type of security and protection. Some businesses may just choose to utilize CCTV surveillance technology whereas larger stores and locations may invest in security guard to stand at the door or patrol. The use of a security guard at the door immediately warns consumers that there is someone there, but also may provide peace of mind and relief to know they are protected in the store.

Retail security services often include packages that can help protect against theft. Having highly trained security guards from reputable security companies can help in loss prevention for company assets and products located within the store. Some personal security companies will come in to assess the risk and threat at the venue before providing a security guard. Although many companies already have some type of theft prevention measures in place such as ink tag attachments and door alarms, having added security is still a good idea and can benefit the business in the long run. Along with security guards, CCTV can help identify potential theft and other crimes. Having a security guard monitor the surveillance cameras can benefit the company by having this person communicate any problems in the store to the floor team. By having communication lines open about the ongoing security and happenings within the business, this can help to reduce or eliminate theft and crime.

Often personal security companies operate in accordance to the law and beside the law. Because security and privacy are legal matters, it is important that all communication is open and understood between the contracted parties of the security company and service recipient. Not all surveillance has to be video surveillance. Although 24-hour video surveillance is an excellent step to prevent crimes and utilize for police investigations, it’s not the only way to discover and monitor things. Along with video surveillance, many personal security businesses offer their clients photographical and written evidence. This information is often gathered by an individual or team of professional private investigators that are heavily vetted and earn security clearance before given the chance to do their job.

For personal security services, some individuals may require it for an event. Event security guards can help minimize and reduce the chance of event attendees getting harmed in anyway. They can also monitor to make sure only people on the guest list are allowed inside. If a potentially harmful situation arises, these individuals are able to step in and remove harmful individuals or break up a situation. This can also help guests feel safer at the event. Some private security companies offer event security guards that are trained in customer service, conflict management and control, and even first-aid if someone is harmed at the event. Having event security even for a private-wedding can be beneficial and alleviate worries of the event hosts.

For any type of personal security, it is important that a person first and foremost remains protected. In a digital age of continual tracking and data mining, it’s crucial that high-profile individuals are not in any danger. Even for individuals considered low-profile, if they are in danger or just want the added protection of a bodyguard or surveillance, these are all things that a personal security company can offer. When searching and researching personal security companies it’s important to go with the ones that offer quality over quantity and are highly regarded with an outstanding reputation in their industry. Some personal security companies may claim to be the best but be sure they back up any claims with solid evidence, with links to any accreditations. When it comes to private security of any kind, being protected from all fronts is the most important aspect. Remaining safe and secure at all times should be of high priority for all people because without protection for someone who needs it, they may be at risk or become harmed or hurt in some way. The first priority for personal security companies should always be the protection of their client.

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