Shop the outer rings – Taking active control of your health


Taking control of one’s health can be challenging. Life is busy, and it is easy to default to the easy options for meals, most of which are fast foods or other unnecessarily unhealthy options. The obvious result of this is that individuals who resort to the perceptively easy options for their meals ultimately end up being unhealthier for it. It is not a difficult concept to grasp, but it is one that requires forethought and knowledge to truly understand the weight of the concept. Essentially, the healthier a diet one eats, the healthier their body is overall. It can be difficult to get into healthy habits, but once one has locked them down, eating healthy becomes second nature and the body thanks them time and again; a healthy body is a happy body. There are some tricks of the trade that can make transitioning into a healthier era easier, and thankfully there are also genuine bonus tips that actively work towards targeting and lifting the health of one’s body.

Eating a healthy balance of foods and drinks is vital to ensuring one’s physical health, but supplements and vitamins can also work wonders for the body. Companies like Pure Encapsulations make it their mission to provide consumers with healthy provisions that are proven to work. These magical little capsules, powders, and pills (such as fish oil or vitamin B, for example) work by providing the human body with additional essential elements, such as extra vitamins, iron, or natural fatty oils. But these supplements and vitamins are intended only as a natural boost, not as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle (though some people do genuinely need them as one).

Making the decision to pursue a healthy lifestyle is about more than intention. As the old saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. In short, simply intending to be healthier later does not solve anything; to actively life a healthy lifestyle, one must consciously choose to now, not later. Incorporating whole foods into one’s diet makes us feel better and gives us a more wholesome approach to life. To make the transition into healthy eating easier, one simple (but incredibly effective) tip is to shop on the outer rings of the grocery store. The reason for this is very simple: processed or otherwise altered foods and drinks tend to be stocked within the inner isles of grocery stores, while the whole, natural foods are stocked in the outer rings of the store. Organizing your grocery shopping like this is an easy way to ensure that you don’t overspend on food and drinks that are not healthy for your body, and it also helps you subconsciously stock your trolley with more fruits and vegetables, helping us to “eat the rainbow” (eat brightly colored fruits and veggies) more actively and easily.

Adding spicy ingredients into one’s cooking is another way to assist with putting a healthy lifestyle into consistent action. It has been proven in multiple studies and through research that foods and meals that are spicier in nature take us longer to eat, due to the spice taking longer to handle and digest. This results in eating more slowly, allowing the body to fill up naturally rather than plugging fattier, more unhealthy foods into our systems. When we eat with intention, and include spicy ingredients into our meals, we eat slower and the body consequently fills up faster. Obviously, this is a win-win for the body (unless you don’t like spicy foods, in which case avoid this tip).

It is about more than just what we want for our bodies, too. Our diet has a monumental effect on the brain and general well-being, even going so far as to work to protect against mental illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Proven to consume more than 20% of the body’s total energy haul, the human brain genuinely needs to be fueled with fatty acids in the forms of fish like salmon, mackerel, and anchovies (the best natural source of the sole kind of fat the brain needs). Additionally, fruits, vegetables, and glucose (the only energy source for the brain) are necessities to fuel the body in all the right ways. Every day, what we put into our bodies is gradually broken down and turning into nutrients. Travelling into the bloodstream, the nutrients is then carried through the body to the brain, where it replenishes energy, activates cellular reactions, and essentially becomes the very substance of the human brain. It is an incredibly intricate web, and one that must be fabricated in the healthiest of ways in order to thrive and function wholly.

Making conscious decisions to be healthier is something that quite a lot of people struggle with. It is not hard to understand why – with so many more convenient, fast options out there, individuals tend to default to the meal options that take the least amount of time while simultaneously filling them up the most. If one truly wants to live a healthy, wholesome life, they should pay close attention to what they put in their bodies, including how they do their grocery shopping and their active choices for their meals when eating out. Each of us has only one body – we should do our best to keep it at its best.


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