Home technology is the next step in home design evolution


The modern home is vastly different from traditional homes and is likely to be the blueprint that future homes are constructed from. The evolution of home design has taken us through a vast array of style concepts and practicalities that have transformed the real estate market. The traditional colonial style home has been replaced by modern designs that are all about edgy corners and eco-friendly design concepts. As our own awareness of the world around us has changed dramatically over time, so has our approach to many aspects of life – including the very homes that we live in. Modern home designs that are on the market today are created with the modern-day and future homeowner in mind. This means that the home designs that are currently being rolled out in the market are ones that can support home technology as it evolves, making them truly the homes for the future. Whether it be a simple design concept – like modern, sharp corners – or the eco-friendly touches that are incorporated into the foundations of modern home designs, there is a lot to be said about the current state of home design and the potential that it holds for the future.

Aside from the homes themselves, the biggest selling point for most people these days is the technologies that are present in the home or could fit into the home as organically as possible. Home technology not only allows homeowners to feel safe and at home, but it gives their natural environment a much stronger sense of convenience, efficiency, and longevity. Our homes are the places we generally feel most comfortable in, so it makes perfect sense that home technologies, being so convenient and efficient by nature, are the next logical step in home design evolution. The reality is that home technology is in a constant state of development and evolution, always reaching for more, aiming higher and higher, and having those technologies present in the home can only be a positive going forward.

The technologies that exist in the modern home are incredibly innovative and exciting, but what is even more thrilling to realise is that these wonderful home technologies and advancements are but a glimpse into the potential that the future of home technology holds. Like all great technological advancements, home technology is in a rapid state of development, and this constant evolution is paving the way for future innovations while simultaneously inviting the current homeowners of today to embrace it for what it is, which is simply a gateway for efficiency and comfort in the place we spend most of our time – home.

Much like home design, home technologies have changed drastically over time. Once upon a time, homeowners would go out of their way to hide the home technology systems that adorned their homes. These days, however, we make a conscious and continuous effort to bring them out into the space more, to show them off, to make others more aware of our digital adaptability and presence. It is an intriguing evolution, and it is one that is only just beginning its journey. A new generation of home technologies is making its way into the market, and it is changing home technology entirely, updating from already-outdated systems or replacing them entirely with newer, more efficient tech advancements. For example, smart televisions are a brilliant innovation, and we are only just now seeing them evolve further than most expected them to do so – ever.

The new versions of smart televisions come with a voice control remote, enabling homeowners to watch a program from any device in their home without having to use the remote themselves to switch, browse, or remember which service said the program was on. Voice assistants have evolved from simply being able to play music to being able to play music, memorise and relay to do lists and reminders, and even give real-time updates on things like the weather, local traffic, and current news. Wifi modems and sound systems are now being designed to look like edge, contemporary art installations throughout the home, eliminating the necessity of having bulky, eye-sore modems. We are seeing the introduction of tech cleaning systems, such as Rumba, that clean our homes for us. From virtual assistants to smart televisions, we are only now experiencing the dawn of home technology, and the future is incredibly bright and promising.

Much like home design, home technology is going through a near-constant state of evolution and improvement, making it an incredibly exciting time for those that are getting to experience it in all its wonder and transition. Home technology is going to be present in practically every home in as little as twenty years, and the innovations will only continue to get bigger and better, breathing life into a technology that many thought was sure to be a passing phase. Home technology is going to be as present in any home as Wifi is today, and that is only the beginning.

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