Keep out of it – Businesses go to new lengths to ensure their privacy


Technological advancement is the basis for the future of the planet and the economy. Well past the days of dial up and solely letter written communication, we are too far gone to go back to a time where technological dependence was not a very real, very present reality. Most (if not all) industries have been touched by the introduction of technology and digitisation, and one of the most impacted of these industries is business. The marketplace of today is vastly different to the one that existed twenty years ago, as is the economy. Life as we know it has changed, and so has the way that we conduct and manage business. Years ago, businesses operated in the traditional brick-and-mortar establishments that still exist today, with the only real difference between then and now being all the additional facets and platforms that allow businesses to operate to global standards. Business no longer must deal only with banks, occasional theft in stores, and store security systems. Today, businesses run on multiple dimensions – brick-and-mortar, online, through apps, and via pop up stores. With technology bringing to rise the revolution of digital business, there has been an increase in the necessity to understand and implement online privacy structures.

Businesses can invest in internet protection via VPN protection systems like Pia VPN, or they can take it upon themselves to design (or have designed by a professional in the field) privacy and security systems within their very business’ foundations. This includes website encryption, mobile security systems, and other privacy measures that are designed to keep the sensitive information of the business as tight and secure as possible. The obvious goal of using these systems is minimising the potential for threats being able to successfully disrupt the balance between business security and privacy standards. VPN protection is just one of the many protective measures that businesses can invest in for this purpose, but it is arguably the most well-known and well-structured of them all.

When using a VPN, businesses successfully give themselves a sense of online security that safeguards that aspect of their business, leaving them able to focus on the brick-and-mortar aspects that require more attention to detail. Automation and AI are the gateways for online privacy and security, and businesses are embracing these wholeheartedly, allowing them to restore and secure the balance they work so hard to achieve in online business trading and marketing. The VPN market has evolved and expanded dramatically over the last few years as individuals and businesses alike seek to gain back control over their data and privacy. Protecting sensitive information does not come easily, especially at a business where multiple employees may have differing values. And it doesn’t just stop with privacy and security, either. Technology has advanced the industry to such a degree that businesses are having to recollect their branding to save face and restore the balance.

Technology has given way to a lot of advancements that have both hurt and strengthened the business industry, and the innovations just keep on coming. The current reality is that businesses are on the verge of collapse or rebirth. For some businesses, keeping up with the technological advancements that are revolutionising the industry will prove to be too much, causing them to fall into despair. For others, however, the advances in the industry will provide them with a renewed focus and a determination to make it in the industry, rather than fall back and let the transition defeat them. Either way, the message is clear; businesses must find a way to make technology work for them, rather than desperately trying to work themselves into the technology. Any other way will simply not work in the long run.

The current digital landscape is an unstable one, with businesses having to go out of their way to not only make note of changes, but realign their business structure with those changes – even if that means pivoting from their initial company ideology. The risk of becoming irrelevant in today’s (and tomorrow’s) economy is a very real threat and businesses must take heed of said threat and use it to their advantage. In turning their weaknesses into strengths, even the most ill-formed business can turn around.

The business industry has embraced technological advancement for what it is, using it to embolden their business models and strengthen their weaknesses. As technology continued to seep into the everyday more and more, we began to see cracks forming that could not be ignored. Online privacy became a genuine concern, and businesses the world over began to search desperately for a solution to the digital chaos. That solution has begun to become increasingly apparent, with the subsequent rise in VPN protection system implementation among businesses all over the world. Mounting concerns have started to give way to digital solutions, and the business industry is finally finding its footing again, successfully navigating its way into the digitised era and out of the danger zone… one VPN at a time.

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