Instant gratification causes a society stricken with addictive personalities


Instant gratification is what society has become used to. With the world at our fingertips, it’s hard to learn patience when everything is an instantaneous fix. If we become ill, suddenly search engines are filled with a possible diagnosis. The art of makeup is now learned from online tutorials and beauty vloggers. Instead of going to the store to buy the essentials, it’s ordered with a click of a button and dropped off at the door within 3-5 business days of standard shipping. All of these things can cause a society that is saturated with addictive personalities. Every new thing becomes and addiction and obsession. Every digital screen has the potential to create and addiction. Humans have an addiction to their phone as they rely on it as a continuous source of entertainment. Boredom is the epitome of a bad day and during times of being alone or boredom, cell phones or computers become a safe haven for hours of endless internet entertainment. It is crucial to one’s mental health to find many outlets of happiness outside of digital entertainment. It’s not just digital screens that creates addictive personalities. Drug and alcohol abuse can also create deadly addictions that need time to heal. Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such.

The world was historically a much slower place. Throughout history the main goal is to eliminate wait periods. Now where most people essentially do not have to wait for many things, learning the art of patience is necessary. Things used to take years to build. Some of the of the greatest wonders of the world like the pyramids in Egypt and the Great Wall in China took 20 years to build. Great things take great time to build. Things take time and patience is a necessary skill to learn in life to be emotional well.

Mental health is important and as more and more people suffer from a society that emanates anxiety and depression. Mental health professional can provide expert counseling, but they can’t change the external stressors that society brings. Developed global societies are saturated with digital reputations that become hard for people to just do things alone. Society is slammed with continuous duties, responsibilities, and tasks and goals that must be met. The continuous stress and being around people, create an addiction to routines, addictions to objects, and addictions that may be harmful coping mechanisms for the mind and body. In order to deal with all the stress of life people use escapism techniques that allow them ways of coping. For example someone may use social media or television as a way to escape from the world, but too much of anything is a bad thing. Some other individuals may turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with external environmental life stressors. These harmful coping mechanisms can quickly turn into addictions that makes it hard to get away from. People become reliant on the thing that helps them escape and replace the emotion of happiness and well-being with the harmful coping mechanism such as drug use. Every time the person uses drugs they will think everything in their life is okay because this coping mechanism has helped them before and will continue to be the crutch and abuser of their life. Eventually, emotional and physical damage can happen to the mind and body if not treated in a timely manner.

An outstanding solution to helping with these addictive personalities is by visiting The Holistic Sanctuary. The sanctuary can provide a healing place for individuals to regain control of their life and get everything back on track without harming their bodies. They can learn healthy coping mechanisms along with working through their issues instead of learning ways to deal with them. By learning natural and holistic ways of dealing with external or internal stressors, one can set themselves on a healthier life path. The sanctuary is a holistic medical spa that helps with curing a variety of disorders and issues like PTSD, depression, alcoholism, addiction, etc. They help with curing mental health, spiritual, and physical issues. Instead of taking a western medicine approach, they work on healing the mind, body, and soul. This is done using the Pouyon Method by healing patients from the inside. According the the sanctuary, this is one of the most effective treatment methods for deep healing of the brain and helps take it back to the pre-addictive state. The sanctuary also offers plant-based medicine and holistic one-on-one therapy. Rather than the western viewpoint of talk-therapy and addictive medication, the sanctuary provides non-addictive approaches to their healing process. Guests at the sanctuary even get a holistic diet to help with their healing process from all angles. Their ancient and advanced approaches to healing really can help people suffering from a variety of mental health issues.

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