Campus dental care on the rise


Annually, Canadians spend around twelve billion dollars on dental service. That figure is especially astounding considering six million Canadians avoid dentists because of the costs involved. The financial costs of treatment are sometimes enough to ward off even the most dentally-responsible of individuals from getting regular check-ups and necessary procedures done. The reality is (as it is with so many things we take for granted) that if we do not consistently hold ourselves accountable for our dental health, what seems like a large expense now when going in for regular check-ups and occasional procedures will eventually seem like loose change if one ignores their responsibility to their dental health. Campus dental care is soaring in Canada, as the prices for undergoing dental procedures by students learning the field is significantly cheaper than going to an established clinic for consultation or treatment.

Individuals in need of teeth straightening put it off and deal with worsening teeth and jaw alignment issues down the road. Individuals that do not get their teeth regularly cleaned end up with mass plaque build-up (not easy to eliminate once it begins to fester past breaking point). Those that refuse to invest in proper dental care sometimes end up with overcrowding or teeth riddled with decaying holes. All these issues are so easily fixed, and yet if they go untreated, can fester to become incredibly painful, expensive costs. No matter the expense of dental check-ups and procedures, it is better to just bite the bullet and book an appointment with a dental clinic one feels comfortable with.

The staggering dental costs in America and Canada often lead to a widespread avoidance to bite the bullet and go to see a dental professional. Affordable dental care is considered to be few and far between, with treatments resulting in clients being out of pocket following the treatments or procedures. Unless one has private healthcare cover, the likelihood of a dentist lowering their fee is quite low. For this (and so many more) reasons, choosing a dental clinic can be a time consuming, sometimes difficult process. Whether one chooses to go to an established, reliable clinic like Southcentre Dental, or a campus dental clinic in which students making their way into their careers perform the treatments, there are always several factors that contribute to the final decision when choosing a clinic.

College clinics offer slashed costs for individuals who are willing to allow learning students to perform their consultations and treatments under the supervision of their professors. The trade-off of going to a campus dental care clinic is that the appointments can take longer, owing to the students not being as confident and experienced as established professionals in the field. All clients must do is decide which trade-off matters most to them – time or money. Campus dental care is soaring as a popular choice for individuals because of the price cut that clients get when having their dental work done by a practicing individual rather than an established dentist. More and more people have caught on to this loophole in the dental industry’s cost levels, and more and more of them are taking advantage of it – and, why shouldn’t they? The level of care is (arguably) the same…it really does come down to dollars and time.

There are some established clinics that offer the best of both worlds, giving clients unparalleled service while performing checks and procedures for prices as reasonable as they possibly can. This kind of service gives both existing and prospective clients confidence not only in the care they are getting but the value for money. While these clinics definitely exist, it is also important to note that those that offer deals like this do so for a reason – they are incredibly efficient at their jobs, and they have a practiced hand that has been in the industry for many years. Only that level of professionalism could warrant cutting prices so competitively.

The dental industry is there to ensure and protect the dental health of individuals all over the world. Not unlike many other countries, the financial expenses of dental healthcare in Canada can be overwhelming for some, and unfortunately sometimes leads to an avoidance of all dental contact. The long-term consequences of this can be devastating, as individuals find themselves having to spend more down the track to correct dental issues that arose years before. Despite the inevitable costs involved, it is obviously better to bite the bullet and pay for the dental work needed, when it is needed. Luckily, there are college campus dental clinics that offer services for up to 30% cheaper than established professionals, due to their obvious inexperience in the field. It may seem like a gamble, but the dental students are observed by their professors, making it entirely safe. It comes down to a matter of money verses time; whichever the client values more tend to tip their favour towards a more expensive, established service, or a practicing, cheaper service. Either way, the results will (hopefully) be the same.

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