The pressure of university causing a global panic


For individuals that opt to go to university or college, they make the decision knowing that the path to graduation will not come without its mountains to climb. Year after year, students are given assignments to write, practicals to complete, and exams to study for. The issue is not so much with the work itself – anyone that goes into university as a student expects it to be hard work…after all, that is the point. The stresses come with students having to work to survive and still having to cope the sheer number of hours they must invest in their education to sometimes even make passing grades. It is quite rare that a university student only has their studies to commit time to. Most students work – some of them even working full time hours or positions – while simultaneously balancing their studies, spending time with their families, seeing their friends, and having time to themselves. University is a constant balancing act, and it is not at all uncommon for some students to struggle trying to stay afloat as their responsibilities whir around them like an immense whirlpool of stress, anxiety, and overwhelming responsibility. With finals week being arguably the most anxiety-inducing time for any university student, universities everywhere are coming up with inventive ways to ease the stresses on students around the most important time in the semester.

University finals tend to be one of the most frenzied times of a student’s year, and they are definitely the most chaotic times of the university calendar year. There is nearly always a build-up to several assignments and multiple exams all being due in the one week, and the truth is that students are simply not built (in most cases) to deal with so much, all at once. While universities impress upon their students that they should be giving their studies 110% all the time, they seem to forget the reality that is most university and college student’s lives. Most students work nearly full time hours while attending university, with some even having shifts in the morning, class in afternoon (or vice versa) and having to put in study time outside of campus as well. Top this with the basic human need to have quality time with loved ones as well as treasured time alone, and students can barely keep up with the expectations placed upon them.

While there are various causes of anxiety and stress among students, there are a few that stand out as primary causes. Overinvested parents and students being solely focusing on achieving the desired grades are a potentially lethal combination. As students invest too little or even too much time on maintaining and excelling at their students, their parents can sometimes be too invested in their futures, causing the weight of the world to feel more like an entire galaxy upon the student’s shoulders. It can be argued – as can anything – that stresses and issues can only impact students as much or as little as they allow them to, but when the pressure is constant and the stress is unyielding, students are placed in the impossible circumstances of needing to measure up while trying not to fall down.

There are many contributing traits that have the potential to build up and throw a student off.

Personal and family pressures creep into a student’s psyche and turn even the most confident of students into anxiety-driven individuals that can barely keep themselves afloat in the sea of assessments, examinations, and overall academic performance (among all the other moving pieces of their life). Universities themselves can be less than supportive at times, which makes students feel alone in their higher education experience. While the stresses pile up, there are now thankfully multiple tools and outlets now available to students that can help ease the anxiety that they experience on the daily while on campus. Students can invest in the help of a trusted tutor to bump their knowledge and skill set up. Students have access to online portals that are their saving graces, offering various kinds of academic essay writing service that can take the pressure off the student’s shoulders when it matters the most. Support groups and online forums are now available for students to connect with others that are experiencing the same or similar struggles to themselves.

The mental health of students should always be the first priority but unfortunately for some, their schools lack adequate (if even existent) assistance for students – as well staff – struggling with mental health issues during their time as members of the educational institutions. As more campuses invest in stress relieving assistances like puppy playgrounds and free sausage sizzles to boost student morale during examination hot spots throughout the year, students are being given little boosts to help keep them afloat. For students that are struggling on a more serious level to deal with their studies, there are now mental health assistance programs and spaces that can be of crucial support when individuals need it most.

While university is often referred to as one of the most exciting times of a student’s life. While this could not be more true, it is also one of the most anxious, stress-driven periods of a student’s life. Year after year, students are weighed down by the pressures that university puts on them, and yet the ones that can cope persevere despite the crushing accountability of all that lays before them. Mental health support is crucial on university and college campuses, now more than ever. As it is becoming increasingly apparent that students find it difficult to cope, there is comfort in knowing that universities and colleges are coming up with new and inventive ways to offer support to their students when they need it most. More importantly, more and more universities and colleges are now offering mental health assistance year-round. It is a pivotal turning point in the global epidemic that is mental health struggle, and it could not come at a more crucial time.

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