Welcome ! خوش آمدید

America has its fair share of vices and virtues, but one truly incredible aspect of our country is the sheer amount of diversity found just beyond our doorsteps. Coming into contact with other cultures, other religions, other ways of life does not necessitate gallivanting around the world, which, while helpful and encouraged, is not an option for many budgets and schedules. We can, however, experience the global through the local. Instructions: simply step outside and take in the mosaic, the melting pot, the rich garden of our own backyards.

With this in mind, the Persian students at Duke University would like to welcome you to learn about the stories of Iranians living in the RTP area. Our first accomplishment has been a video interview project that documents the experiences of Iranian refugees and asylum seekers who had to escape Iran for various reasons. The interviews were conducted completely in Persian (with rare exceptions for clarifications), keeping in mind the cultural, psychological, and educational salience of language. Please use the site and explore the various materials presented, including videos, photos, and English-language reports!

-Parmida Mostafavi, Trinity ’18