The non-persistence of memory.

The award-winning Durham theater Manbites Dog kicks off its 24th Season this weekend with the regional premiere of Jennifer Haley‘s Breadcrumbs. The show runs through October 23. The first review is in and the word is GOOD!

A scene from Manbites Dog's production of Breadcrumbs.

Alida, a popular but curmudgenly writer of “fairy tales for the literati”, struggles with the slow, inexorable decline of dementia determined to complete her final story before completely losing her grip on reality. Her assistant in daily life and in the memoir’s composition is Beth, a woman with her own troubled childhood. As Alida’s memories are manifest in the tale despite the author’s insistence that her work is not autobiographical, the present-day reality becomes a stage wherein both women perform their pasts. Is their fragile bond  enough to derail either woman’s inevitable fate?