Duke New Music Ensemble November Concert

Dan Ruccia, Director of [dnme] provides the following information on the ensemble’s second concert of the season that explores various versions, distortions, and explosions of American minimal music in a program entitled “micro-macro-minimalism.”

The performance is on Sunday, November 14 at 8pm in Bone Hall in the Biddle Music Building on Duke’s East Campus.  This concert features a diverse range of ensembles, genres, and styles, with each composer taking a different approach to music as a gradual process.

The concert will open with Dan Trueman’s string quartet “Spring Rhythm” (1997).  Inspired by a combination of the medieval motet and Jackson Pollock’s splatter paintings, the work is built around shifting patterns, timbres, and groupings set against a steady (but abstracted) grid.  Next comes “Reitba” (1992) by bass virtuoso François Rabbath, featuring guest artists Shawn Conley on double bass and Megan Levin on harp.  Rounding out the first half of the performance will be Jonathan Russell’s “Sextet” (2010) for violin, cello, flute, clarinet, piano, and percussion.  The piece takes a Charles Mingus-esque bass line and constructs a series of cinematic scenes around it.

After intermission, we’ll be premiering Duke composition graduate student David Kirkland Garner’s “O Cannonball” (2010), a piece written for [dnme] violinist Sarah Griffin and saxophonist Darren Mueller in which Garner throws Cannonball Adderly licks and Irish fiddle tunes into a blender with fantastic results.  Steve Reich’s monumental “Six Pianos” (1973) will close the concert in grand style, adding [dnme]’s contribution to what is turning into a year of Steve Reich at Duke.  We’ll be joined for the Reich by Randall Love, a piano professor at Duke.  This concert is dedicated to Alex Kotch, [dnme] clarinetist and composition graduate student, who we wish a speedy and complete recovery!

The Duke New Music Ensemble [dnme] is in its fourth year as a performing ensemble at the Duke University Department of Music, bringing together undergraduate and graduate students in performing music written in the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as new works by Duke student composers. In addition, [dnme] collaborates regularly with faculty and guest artists from Duke University and other institutions across North Carolina.

As always, admission is free, so we hope to see you all there.  For more information on the concert go to Facebook.

[dnme] is:
Anna Darnell, clarinet
Dave Garner, electric bass
Rebecca Geoffroy, piano and percussion
Sarah Griffin, violin
Tim Hambourger, piano
Jamie Keesecker, percussion
Jung-Min Lee, piano
Thom Limbert, percussion
Darren Mueller, alto saxophone
Dan Ruccia, viola
Vladimir Smirnov, piano
Ken Stewart, cello
Katharina Uhde, violin
Heidi Wait, flute
Jonathan Wall, piano

Shawn Conley, double bass
Megan Levin, harp
Randall Love, piano

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