The Team


David Stein

For the last 20 years, David has been creating programs between Duke and Durham public schools, including introducing stop motion animation, green screens and other education technology to teachers and students. Prior to working at Duke, David served as the head of communications for the NC School of Science and Math and before that as a technology transfer officer at Harvard University. Contact dstein(at)duke(dot)edu.

Yunyao Zhu

Yunyao is a senior majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. A native of Shanghai, China, she loves exploring different cultures, languages, and disciplines. In her free time, she enjoys reading, playing the piano, watching movies, and finding a good analogy. She joined the EdTech team in September 2018 and has been developing computer science lessons for elementary school students.

Irene Park

Irene is a junior from Maryland majoring in International Comparative Studies. She loves xxx.  Since joining the EdTech team in August 2020, Irene has been instrumental in helping Durham students professionalize their collages for publication and in evaluating augmented reality systems.

 Ali Rothberg

Ali is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and English. She is interested in the intersection between tech and arts, humanities, etc., and loves writing, playing guitar, sewing, and drinking coffee. She joined the EdTech team in August 2020 and has enjoyed working with Durham students, particularly on the children’s book project, and is excited to see a fun and engaging display of augmented reality.

Former Members:

Cyan DeVeaux

Cyan completed an interdepartmental major between Computer Science and Visual & Media Studies titled, “Computational Media.” She spent her time at Duke exploring the intersection between technology, the humanities, and art. She joined the Duke PepsiCo EdTech team in October 2017 and has since enjoyed working on multimedia projects with students and teachers in Durham.

Mike McWilliams Jr.

Mike is a senior who is studying Mechanical Engineering in the Pratt School of Engineering. Initially inspired to study Mechanical Engineering by Mythbusters, he is a frequent user of the Duke Innovation CoLab and a member of the Duke University Quidditch team. Mike joined the EdTech Team in August 2018 and has been showing students how to use the 3D Printers & Laser-cutter, as well as using the 3D Printers to recreate various scenes from history.

Mohamad Chamas

Mohamad graduated in May 2018. He majored in Global Cultural Studies and with a minor in Education. Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, Mohamad has been working with David since August 2015. With an interest in film, technology, web development and education, Mohamad has been making educational videos and websites, providing technology training and support, and working with students.