Duke Explore

Duke Explore

Over the summer of 2016, we teamed up with a group of students attending between grades 5 and 12 and created the Hidden Durham tour. It is the first tour to feature on Duke Explore, a mobile app with Global Information System. It can guide you on a walking tour or you can flip through the stops from the comfort of your home.

The tour features 33 different stops in Durham. Each stop includes its geotagged location on a map, an audio file and text to showcase things you didn’t know about Bull City! We collaborated with the students and they did most of the recording, photography and filming.

Setting up the app

You can access the Duke Explore mobile app by going to the App Store and downloading “Duke Explore” or using the links above. Scroll down and choose the Durham selection.

Some of the audio-enhanced highpoints on the Hidden Durham tour are the John Loudermilk, Duke Memorial, and the 21C vaults. And don’t miss the Mayan-style architectural drawing for the proposed Nixon Presidential Library at Duke.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of the App:

To activate the GPS function, click on the Cog Icon, which is for Settings. It is to the right of the Information tabimg_0352

Select “Notify me of nearby locations.”  If the app is open in the background, the site will pop out at you as you walk, bike or drive around.


Click on the green “Start Tour” tab at the bottom


At each stop, you can watch a video, listen to audio, and read a description of the site.
To see a listing of all the stops, click on the “Three Bars” icon on the upper left corner.


Now you can scroll down through the different stops.
To see the stops on a map, click the < Tours icon at the upper left side.



Now click on the folded map icon on the upper right side.



This will take you to an interactive map and you can choose stops based on location.



And if you want a real thrill, start the tour and then click on the “Beaming Icon” and select “Show location alerts” and “Autoplay audio.”  One of the narrators will start speaking to you when you come to a stop!