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Peg Helminski, M.Ed. was born in Point Pleasant, NJ and currently lives in Cary, NC with her husband and the youngest two of their three children.  Their eldest son has successfully flown the coop–literally! He is now a US Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer.

Peg learned to read at age four so she could write stories by herself and didn’t have to rely on her mother to take dictation. She won her first fiction contest in third grade and her short story, The Rowboat Race was published in a teacher’s magazine when she was in seventh grade.  When she was in tenth grade she made her first short story sale to American Girl Magazine for The Trouble with Lockers. If writing for the pure joy of creation wasn’t motivation enough, getting paid to write was an addiction she has not been able to kick despite a career as a counselor, administrator and program director.

Though most of her paid writing has been for promotional materials, form letters, and well researched essays and short articles used in educational testing, her first love remains “the story.”  Two middle-grade novels, Daughter of a Thousand Pieces of Gold and Spark of God are available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.com.

Spark of God: http://tinyurl.com/oakmw62

Daughter of a Thousand Pieces of Gold: http://tinyurl.com/mea37za


5 thoughts on “About Peg Helminski

  1. Dear Peg,
    I am writing to you ostensibly to request permission to replicating the 1st paragraph of your blog on the subject of redefining marriage on my own blog. Given that quoting your 1st paragraph would probably represent “fair use” under the Copyright act of either of our countries, I am not doing so out of a legal need. I am doing so for 2 reasons, the 1st being the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with you and the 2nd to acknowledge the insightful nature of your articles. Having said so, and approached you for permission, I will of course comply with any desire on your part for me not to republish your opening paragraph. If that were the case, then I would simply rewrite the concepts you presented in my own words. But to be honest I believe your words are probably far better an exposition for an opening on to the topic you present in your blog. I will of course, as should be expected, ensure they are links back to your entire article as well as crediting you for the 1st paragraph, should you be amiable to my quoting you directly. Which, quite frankly, I would do even if I wasn’t asking your permission.

    I am desirous of quoting you in relation to a blog of my own in which the subject of marriage equality has taken on significance here in Australia. Australia is currently under the government of a party of an extreme right wing persuasion. As they are a very conservative government, they are understandably very resistant to marriage equality and yet it – amongst other issues – threatens their continuance in government for a 2nd term. Therefore they are grappling with ways to avoid surrendering to the demands for marriage equality, and still countenance a popular vote for the future of a 2nd term. My blog is about issues in relation to the government of our day and the philosophical positions held by the Conservatives that currently control our government. Marriage equality, although, is a more global subject that that of just our country, that has produced significant global headlines with the decision by the American judiciary and the referendum in Ireland.

    I have already written 3 articles in my blog in relation to marriage equality and have been happily posting them around social media discussions wherever I see fit. As a result of a conversation with an opponent to marriage equality on Facebook, I encountered someone whose argument was well researched from a very libertarian philosophical standpoint (at least that is what I understand it to be). This forced me to do even more research, and then took me in directions I had previously not considered even in the articles I have already written. As such it has prompted me to write a 4th article. The subject of which aligns itself closely with your blog, which I encountered in doing my research into the changing definition and use of marriage in society. When I read your opening paragraph, I was inspired from the 1st sentence. I did not initially read more than the 1st couple of paragraphs as I was putting together an argument to my Libertarian opponent and was attempting to make my reply in a timely manner in relation to the discussion we were having.

    I have since returned to your blog and read it in its entirety and continued to be impressed with what I read. I particularly love the Cinderella story and that you took wisdom from the insights of your children. As a parent of a 7-year-old boy from whom I have learnt much and a member of our local Anglican Church – who hold to strong pro-equality, gay rights and pro-ordination of women – I found that you holding to the position you have developed within the Catholic church, quite inspirational.

    My main blog article is at http://auswakeup.info/sex/ and the other 2 “post” articles that follow it. They are geared and directed toward an Australian audience, and referencing Australian politicians. But I believe you can easily understand my position from the content therein.

    I would appreciate hearing from you from across the ocean should you be so willing to enter into further dialogue and either agreeing to, or abstaining from permissions to your content.

    • John,

      I’m so sorry I didn’t receive your message until now. I seldom check this site anymore. I am quite dedicated to equality, so anything I can do to further awareness and enhance dialogue is certainly welcome. I do, however, appreciate receiving credit for my thoughts. Quote away!

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