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our bio’s – who we are

Alex R.  – he/him/his

rush, mental health, loneliness, lgbtq, student of color, transfer student, racial identity, body image

Hi I’m Alex, a junior majoring in neuroscience and minoring in French and Philosophy. I transferred here my sophomore year from UCLA, so I definitely know what’s like for freshman year to not go as planned and how to acclimate to a new school twice. I’m also involved in research and am on a dance team, work for a campus publication, and am in an SLG. If you have questions/concerns about getting involved on campus and I can definitely share my experiences. Duke can be an intimidating place especially when you’re just starting out, but I would love to help you guys out talk through finding your place on campus.


Linus – he/him/his

rush, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, lgbtq, student of color

Hi there! My name’s Linus, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Medical Sociology. I’m a member of StreetMed and DefMo, and I’m doing research in the Lefkowitz Lab. On campus, you’ll probably find me in line for my fourth cup of iced coffee from Vondy or randomly and (not-so)subtly dancing to myself in public places despite the very apparent lack of music playing. Feel free to say hi!


Anna – she/her/hers

rush, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, student of color, sexual assault, relationships, body image

I’m Anna, a sophomore from Moraga, CA studying economics, public policy, and history. I love spending time in the wellness garden, watching way too much netflix (law & order! the good place! the 100!), going on hikes, and cooking for my friends & family. I definitely think Duke can be amazing, but also super tough at the same time. It absolutely took me a long while to adjust & just find my place here, but know that in time you will. If you ever want to talk, I’d love to chat about anything & everything- please feel free to reach out! I am here & ready to listen 🙂


Tiff – they/them/theirs

mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, lgbtq, racial identity, relationships, stress from research/academics, student athlete

Hi! My name is Tiff, and I’m a queer, Taiwanese-American senior studying Environmental Engineering from Cary, North Carolina. I currently conduct remote sensing research within the Barros research group as part of the Pratt Fellows program to evaluate the prospects for long-term agriculture in a region in Southern Africa. When I’m not in class or doing research, I love walking through the gardens, tossing a frisbee with friends on Swerve (Club Women’s Ultimate) or within Pratt, sketching cartoonish drawings for loved ones, and cooking/experimenting with new recipes. In terms of mental well-being, I’ve struggled to navigate life at Duke while supporting family members living with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, as well as managing my own anxiety. I’m happy to talk to about balancing school with all the other things that come up in life (friends, family, relationships, other commitments), gender identity, sexuality, coming out, being Asian-American, living with mental health struggles, and anything else that’s on your mind.


Shagun – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, student of color, body image, religion

Hi! I’m Shagun and I’m a junior from Parsippany, New Jersey studying Biology and Global Health. Transitioning out of my freshman dorm (Yay Pegram), where all of my closest friends lived, to Few on West Campus caused me to struggle a lot with the “sophomore slump.” I felt distant from the close dorm community I had built and was constantly questioning whether I was passionate about what I was studying. Working through that challenging time taught me a lot about myself and how to navigate Duke. I understand how taxing and overwhelming college can be and I’m here for you if you want to talk about any part of the Duke experience.


Julia  – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, student of color, racial identity, sexual assault, relationships, body image

Hi guy! My name is Julia, I am a senior studying Biology, Environmental Science, and Cultural Anthropology on the pre-med track. I’m from Potomac, MD and I love all things nature, plants, and sunshine. My favorite campus things are the egg chairs at the Wellness Center, vegan grilled cheese at Divinity Cafe, and the Blomquist grotto in the gardens!


Euna  – she/her/hers

mental health, loneliness, international student, relationships, grief/loss

I have lived in Korea, UK, and US. I have traveled France, Norway, Spain, and 11 States in US. I am a Program 2 major and pre-med. I love traveling, eating, art, classical music, nature, flowers, ocean, sky, and sharing joy with others. My hobbies are visiting museums, watching movies, writing journals, taking photos, taking a walk, drying flowers and preserving it, and collecting things (perfume, dolls, cosmetics, etc).


Julie – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, friends, family, missing home, international student, sexual assault, relationships, grief/loss

Hi everyone! My name is Julie and I’m a junior here at Duke. I’m pursuing an interdepartmental major in psychology and visual media studies with the hopes of continuing onto medical school after college. As much as I loved my first year at Duke, it definitely took a while before I felt comfortable calling it my home away from home. At first, it seemed impossible to make new friends with whom I can share the same level of intimacy I had with friends from back home. Even after my first semester, I still had difficulty opening up to even my closest friends here because it just felt weird exposing myself to people I had met only a few months ago. It did take some courage, but whenever I did talk to them about my problems, it really really helped. Now I know that simply talking to even just one person about your problem (even if they may not have a solution) can really put things into perspective and have a cathartic effect. I am here to be that person for you. Feel free to talk to me about anything—from coping with the death of a loved one, to combating the perpetuation of “effortless perfection” here on campus, to dealing with a breakup. I’d love to hear your story and walk by your side through your journey here at Duke.


Wesley  – he/him/his

mental health, loneliness, friends, family, relationships, body image

Hi friend! I am a junior pursuing a major in neuroscience and a minor in computer science. I am born and raised in Rolesville, North Carolina, a suburb of Raleigh about 45 minutes from Duke. I love performing close up sleight of hand magic (please ask to see a trick!), playing sports and running, having philosophical conversations, learning music, and hearing about other people’s passions. Please come talk with me about anything that is on your mind! 🙂 #YouAreLoved


Lydia – she/her/hers

mental health, loneliness, friends, family, relationships

Heyo! My name is Lydia, and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’m a pre-med student majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Computer Science at Duke. Some things I enjoy doing to relax are hiking, walking around Duke Gardens, and talking with friends. Being at Duke has definitely had its ups and downs, and I know it can definitely get stressful. Please feel free to reach out to me about anything!


Olivia – she/her/hers

loneliness, friends, family, missing home, student of color, disordered eating, body image, relationships, academic stress

Hello! I’m Olivia! I’m a pre-med student from Houston, and I’m studying chemistry and history here at Duke. I love ice-cream, all kinds of art, and exploring outside. When I first came to Duke, I really struggled to find my place and friends here. Adjusting to a place where I knew nobody was hard, and it took time to learn to love a place that challenged me in so many ways. Taking time to nurture my relationships with people and learning to be vulnerable with others really helped, and I’m here to talk and listen to whatever it is you may be going through. <3


Minnie – she/her/hers

rush, loneliness, friends, racial identity, recruiting/jobs

Hi! I’m Minnie and I’m a Junior from Durham. Some things I can chat about are sort-of rushing things (and not getting in) but also feeling stuck in social relationships I made early at Duke. As an Econ major, recruiting also made me question what I actually wanted to do/what I’m good at/what I’m happy doing, and whether these 3 things coincide. Personally I like to have everything planned out (like in life), so recently I’ve been coming to terms with the uncertainty/flexibility of my future, instead of letting that fear consume my experience at Duke. My experiences are also woven with my identity as a Korean American and the cultural expectations that come with it.


Ali – she/her/hers

rush, loneliness, friends, family, sexual assault, going abroad/abroad experience/adjusting post-abroad

Hi! My name is Ali and I’m a senior studying Neuroscience with the hopes of going to medical school after teaching for a few years. I’m from a small town on the coast outside Boston, MA and I have a golden doodle who I miss dearly! Duke has been quite the wild ride; each transition into the next semester has come with its own set of joys, struggles, and lessons learned – from rush second semester freshman year when my friends and I all ended up in different organizations, to moving to West campus sophomore year, to going abroad junior fall while the majority of my friends stayed at Duke, to returning from abroad and living off campus junior spring, and, finally, to continuing to live off campus senior year. I consider myself pretty lucky in that the majority of those who I consider to be my family here I met freshman year through PWild, my dorm, rush, and friends of friends, but it took me a while to find my place and feel at home here. Between interpersonal relationships, academics, navigating a new family dynamic upon no longer living at home, and more, Duke can for sure have its share of ups and downs. If you want to talk, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You’re not alone.


Angela  – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, disordered eating, body image, grief/loss, body image

Hello!! I am a current junior from Maryland majoring in Biology/Chemistry. Some of my hobbies include hiking, rock climbing, any outdoor activity, painting, and playing piano. I’m also a complete bookworm and am currently reading The Lilac Girls (phenomenal book so far!).


Dayna – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, low-income/first-generation student, relationships

Hey there! My name is Dayna and I’m a junior from rural Iowa. I’m majoring in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience, and am especially interested in child psychology. Coming from such a small town, it was a HUGE transition to Duke, but have now find my place here and am involved in the Tomasello lab and FAC Board among many other communities that I love. I’m also an avid tennis fan (mainly a Roger Federer fan) and love baking whenever I get the chance.


Joy* – she/her/hers

mental health, student of color, relationships, sexual assault

Hi! I’m Joy, and I’m a junior majoring in biology and global health. I am on the club ultimate team, spend too much time working in a research lab, and enjoy spending time outside. Duke has been challenging for me, but I’ve learned a lot and been supported by the people around me. I am here for you, happy to listen, and help you in any way that I can 🙂


Ziyi – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, friends, missing home, international student, peer pressure

Hi there, I’m Ziyi:) I’m currently a sophomore here at Duke majoring in computer science with minors in neuroscience and psychology. I am very interested in pursuing further study in medicine or a career in the technology field (still uncertain and would love to talk about that!). I was born in Beijing and spent most of my time in the city. Leaving home and starting school at Duke was challenging for me– meeting new people, adjusting to a new culture, getting used to the curriculum, peer pressure, etc. School can be stressful. I was very grateful to receive support from all of the wonderful people around me. They helped me so much to overcome those challenges, and I really wish to become a support for you if anything’s bothering or just on your mind. Please feel free to talk with me about anything! (maybe starting with movies, K-pop, or anime?:3)


Samantha – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home

Hi! My name is Samantha. I’m a sophomore from Houston, Texas, majoring in English with hopes of attending medical school. I enjoy watching comedy specials, creative writing, and hanging out with my dogs. I’m a member of Duke Chinese Dance and The Muse, a feminist publication. Being at Duke can be immensely rewarding, but it can also be intimidating and stressful, and that’s okay. Whatever the situation, I’ll always listen; feel free to reach out!


Mona* – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, student of color, disordered eating, body image, grief/loss

Hey, I’m Mona!! I’m a sophomore from New City, NY majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Economics. On campus, I’m involved in writing/editing for The Chronicle, the “Margins” Asian/Asian American publication, visual arts-related activities on campus, and an SLG. Freshman year, I struggled with disordered eating and body image issues that partly stemmed from feelings of loneliness and underlying mental health issues. I’ve struggled with choosing a major, finding a space for myself at Duke, and constantly feeling intensely inadequate. This past semester, I’ve had a hard time balancing school work with personal issues and losses with friends and family. I know that Duke can be an incredibly tough place socially, emotionally, and academically– Please feel free to reach out to me about anything related to rush, mental health, academic and career struggles, dealing with rejections, navigating an Asian American identity, body image/eating disorder issues, and anything else that’s been bothering you. I’m always happy to listen and support you through your journey at Duke, through your toughest problems and your proudest achievements.


Pierce – he/him/his

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, relationships, grief/loss, religion

Hey, I’m Pierce, a sophomore from Houston, TX. I am majoring in Neuroscience but love to study all kinds of things from history to global health. Outside of class I volunteer at Immaculata Catholic School and work on clinical trial transparency at Duke. I joined Peer for You because I had a lot of trouble adjusting to college and figuring out my priorities. I also want to help people have more frank conversations about stress and mental health.


Lizzy – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, low-income/first-generation student, grief/loss, religion

Hi! My name is Lizzy, and I am a sophomore from Indiana studying Psychology and chemistry, hoping to pursue medicine! I am a first-generation college student from a big family, and understand the struggles of attending a place like Duke with emotional support from family but not a lot of knowledge of prior experience. I am in an SLG, work on a Bass Connections team, and am part of SuWA through Kenan Institute of Ethics. I lost my grandpa during the middle of my freshman year, and had to go through the grieving process while trying to rush an SLG. I’ve struggled with anxiety in the past, and in this past year have taken concrete steps to address it. I am usually in Vondy studying or drinking coffee at 9pm, so come say hello!


Carolyn – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, racial identity, relationships, grief/loss

Hello! My name is Carolyn and I’m a junior from Dallas, Texas. I’m studying Neuroscience and Global Health and hope to attend medical school someday. Duke has definitely been a stressful place for me at times and I’ve gone through my fair share of struggles, academically and socially. But doing the things I love–discovering my new favorite food, playing volleyball, taking a study break in the Duke gardens, and spending time with the people I love always helps me feel better at the end of the day 🙂 Please feel free to talk to me about anything that’s on your mind–your feelings are valid and I am here to listen.


Avery – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, body image

Hey, I’m a junior from Seattle studying astrobiology. I spend almost all my time in French Family Science, working with the Rausher and Schmid labs or studying in the greenhouse. I’m also a sailor, oboist, and my mum’s assistant beekeeper! If you are struggling with rush, mental health challenges, loneliness/homesickness, body image, or anything else on your mind, I am here for you.


Nico* – he/him/his

rush, loneliness, friends, family, LGBTQ, relationships, religion

Hi! I’m Nico and I’m a senior from Pittsburgh, PA studying Biology and Computer Science. I love chicken tenders (loop has the best), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, being an RA for an independent house, and getting to know new people :). Duke can be extremely challenging both academically and socially so feel free to talk to me about anything — I’m happy to listen and learn about your experiences!


if a name has an asterisk next to it, that means that peer responder is a mandatory reporter







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