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Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

At each virtual social in the spring of 2020, a mystery guest joined the students after they had a chance to guess the identity using clues provided. Each guest shared some personal aspects of their lives, how they are coping, and how different life is in this season. It helps, to know you are not alone, that life is challenging for all of us.
road leading into forest

Early morning walks help Dr. Soman Abraham to cope with the “Shelter at Home” order.

Dr. Abraham Artist

As our first mystery guest, Dr. Abraham shared more than his common ground. He showed us several watercolor pieces he has painted while in quarantine. Nice use of the time!

Carter Suryadevara, Path PhD ’17 is finishing Medical School at NYU. During this crisis he goes into the “war zone” every day, often on his bicycle. He describes the streets as looking like the movie, I Am Legend, the post-apocalyptic parallels of nearly empty city streets adding to the bizarre times we are living in. This photo is of the front of the NY Public Library, normally a crowded place at all times of the day.

acrobat hanging upside down

Could you guess who? Here are a few clues: Was part of the Duke Collegium Musicum (Early Renaissance polyphonic music), Was part of an amateur aerial arts troupe based out of Carrboro, First came to Duke in 2005… Okay, you got it! This is Dr. Giselle Lopez, Assistant Professor of Pathology, and Alumni of the Duke MD/PhD program.