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End of summer bash

End of summer bash

End of summer bash

Everyone loves pizza, and homemade pizza in an authentic wood fired pizza oven is the very best. A large group gathered to enjoy the food and friendship in the posh new pool area at Suzanne’s place on a warm late September evening. 
Whole group on patio near pool and pizza oven

The Pathology Phd students and friends gather for a group photo.


This is the real deal…yummy!
fresh hot pizza with pepperoni

Pepperoni Pizza fresh out of the super hot oven, is done in minutes.


A good time was had by all. Students and friends enjoyed a relaxed evening together at the home of a fellow student. This is a favorite way to relax and socialize for busy Pathology PhD students.
Students are gathered around the dessert table with a pool and festive lights in the background

A warm evening and close friends, who could ask for anything more? Well, dessert does top it all off!