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Celebrating Service

Celebrating Service

Celebrating Service

We have many years of service and wisdom in our ranks!
The career service awards celebrate longevity, dedication, and commitment to Duke and our department, in five year increments.
At our celebration today, each person was given their certificate by Chairman Jiaoti Huang, and those presentations were followed by a sumptuous brunch. Congratulations to all for your appreciated service!
Some of the awardees are gathered here for a group photo, and below are all the awardees’ names, from 5 to 45 years of loyalty.

2019 Service Awardees Group

Celebrating our 2019 Awardees:

45 years of service
Debra Andersen

40 years of service
John Toffaletti

35 years of service
Mario Gonzalez
David Howell

30 years of service
Rusty Lowery
John Madden

25 years of service
Amy Orange
Zuowei Su

20 years of service
Patrick Buckley
Claudia Jones
Kelly Macklin
M. Angelica Selim

15 years of service
Dongfeng Chen
Rebeccah Catherine Rehder
Mary Elizabeth Sunday

10 years of service
Diana Cardona
Kristen Deak
Sara Jiang
Melinda Swift

5 years of service
Andrea Deyrup
Paul Ferrell
Udhayakumar Gopal
Chad McCall
Laura Sommerville
Elizabeth Thomas
Matthew Waitkus