November 4, 2021

Mission & Aims



Our mission:

To promote the development, implementation, and dissemination of programs that forge a path to better health for children with complex health needs that begins and ends at home.   

We will accomplish this mission through the following core pillars: 

  • Empower families and caregivers with lived experience to advance health and well-being for CCHN at home through home-based care programs and policies  
  • Dismantle health disparities by adapting programs and interventions to address the diverse needs of communities of color  
  • Promote cross-sector care integration through implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of interventions for CCHN  
  • Advance the science of complex care by conducting cutting-edge research designed improve outcomes that matter most to families of CCHN 
  • Advocate for policies and programs that enable all CCHN to equitably achieve better health and well-being 

Our aims:

To create sustainable, statewide, cross-sector partnerships with stakeholders in order to shape an improved system of care that meets the needs of all CCHN in NC. 

We will accomplish these aims by: 

  • Advocating for policy changes  
  • Accelerating implementation of health and non-health sector practice transformation  
  • Advancing the science of complex care by conducting cutting-edge research 
  • Acting together to dismantle health disparities among CCHN