Center for International Studies
Organizes interdisciplinary initiatives including research programs, conferences, and courses that focus on the study of global concerns such as economic globalization, international law, new regional security issues, rethinking approaches to area studies, and globalization and the arts. Funding for the Center for International Studies is supported by the U.S. Department of Education, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Ford Foundation, and other foundations and donors.

International Programs and Resources
A gateway into international resources and programs at Duke University. This site has been developed to serve not only Duke faculty and students interested in international research and collaboration, but also foreign nationals seeking to pursue educational, research and teaching opportunities at Duke.

John Hope Center for Interdisciplinary and International Studies
A unique consortium of programs committed to revitalizing notions of how knowledge is gained and exchanged. Participants from a broad range of disciplines converge to explore intellectual issues, such as race and race relations, the legacy of the African-American experience, equality and opportunity among diverse populations, and the implications of accelerated globalization.