Faculty and Staff Profiles

Alicia R. Bolden, DMSc, MPH, PA-C

Clinical Team Faculty

I joined Duke PA Program as faculty in July 2019. I have worked clinically in internal medicine (IM) as a hospitalist for most of my career. I also have clinical experience in urgent care, occupational medicine, and GI. I have been in PA education for over 6 years and served as Academic Director and Associate Program Director at the Nova Southeastern University PA program in Fort Lauderdale. In my current role on the clinical team here at Duke PA program, some of my responsibilities will include coordinating the core rotation IM course, call-back-day activities, site visits, and supporting the evidence-based medicine course that runs throughout the clinical year. In addition to my clinical year responsibilities, I serve as faculty advisor, instructor in the physical assessment course, and participate in the admissions process. The most exciting part of my new role here at Duke will be getting to know all of the clinical preceptors and community partners that contribute to the knowledge of our PA students. I look forward to introducing myself to each and every one of you. Thank you for your service to our profession.

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Melinda Blazar, MHS, PA-C

Director of Clinical Education, Duke PA Program

Melinda Blazar

I am a graduate of the Duke PA Program in 2007 and have worked clinically in family medicine and women’s health for most of my clinical career.  After precepting Duke PA students for several years at Duke Family Medicine, I joined the PA Program faculty in 2011 as a clinical coordinator & became Director of Clinical Education in July 2018.  In this role, I am responsible for oversight of the clinical year curriculum, the overall assessment and evaluation of our clinical sites & preceptors, student assessment and adherence to accreditation standards.  I also advise students in both years of the program, teach in the didactic year, participate in admissions and work clinically 1 day/week, doing primarily low-risk obstetrics.  As Director of Clinical Education, I enjoy the ability to establish long-term relationships with preceptors and clinical sites, and see second year students growth and develop into clinicians as they move through their clinical training.    Our program is so grateful for the strong institutional and community partnerships we have, and for the significant effort that each of our preceptors contribute to sharing the future generations of Duke PA students!

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Abbey Metzger, Clinical Team Staff Assistant

Abbey Metzger

I joined the Duke PA Program staff as the clinical year staff assistant in May 2018.  Prior to coming to the PA program, I was a staff assistant for the Duke Pediatric Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation Program.  In that role, I scheduled pre-transplant and post-transplant appointments, and helped out of town families secure short-term lodging with the Ronald McDonald house of Durham, area hotels and local apartments.  I also worked alongside our search coordinator and the National Marrow Donor Program for cord blood unit and bone marrow donor matches.

Now that I am at the PA Program, I work with the clinical year team to schedule annual clinical site visits and prepare the various site visit material.   In addition to site visits, I am also responsible for making sure each student has a completed evaluation from their preceptor after each rotation. I’m also the primary staff support for the clinical course Evidence Based Practice II, and assist with other courses such as Bridge and Senior Seminar.  I love the opportunity to work with so many different groups of people that our students will encounter during their clinical year.  It is a joy to work with our students on a daily basis and to help them in every way possible.  Please feel free to contact me at abigail.metzger@duke.edu or 919-668-5137 with any site visit or student evaluation issues.  I look forward to working with all of you!

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Kate Holeman, Clinical Year Program Coordinator

Kate Holeman

I joined the Duke PA Program as Clinical Year Program Coordinator in July 2017.  I have been employed at Duke for 20 years, and have spent many of those years working with medical learners, faculty, and staff.  Most recently, I worked in the Department of Community & Family Medicine chairman’s office as Assistant to the Vice Chair for Education.  In that role, I helped plan and implement preceptor and faculty development, interprofessional case conferences and interprofessional prevention and population health courses. Prior to that, I worked in Graduate Medical Education at Duke for several years.

At the PA Program, I work with the clinical year faculty to plan, assign, and coordinate all student rotations.  As a preceptor, you will hear from me often as I request and confirm over 1,000 rotations for our clinical year class!  I also help coordinate student housing, credentialing paperwork for the various site requirements, and clinical Affiliation Agreements.  My job is to ensure that our students and faculty have the administrative support necessary to have a successful clinical year. The most enjoyable aspect of working for the PA program is interacting with the students and assisting them in their journey to becoming certified PAs.

Please feel free to contact me at kate.holeman@duke.edu or 919-681-8926 with any clinical rotation or student issues.  I look forward to working with all of you!