Month: February 2014

2014 – 2015 Call for Elections

Duke’s OutLaw group needs you!  We are looking for candidates to help shape the future of the organization, and thus are asking all potential applicants to SUBMIT ONLINE HERE.

You are asked to submit a statement of interest, which can be in a medium of your choice.  We accept graphics (.jpg, .jpeg, .png), Word documents (.doc, .docx), portable document format (.pdf), or PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx).   The statement of interest is your opportunity to express your interests for OutLaw and can target one position (e.g., President) or be created to encompass a wide swath of positions.  Either way, you can be considered for any role on the board.  The document you choose to upload should be limited to 1 sheet/slide/etc.

Voting will be done online, and shall be open for one full week (7 days).  We will use instant runoff vote (IRV) if there is more than one candidate, and multiple people can run for multiple positions.  For positions that run uncontested, we will vote by affirmation.  Both sets of voting requires a majority of voters.  Positions for which no person runs will be filled at the discretion of the newly-elected executives–either through appointments this year or at the start of the semester during the 2014–2015 academic year.

For current executives, please click here.  Also read the About page, which include our bylaws, featuring a description of each position’s role.

Vinson & Elkins and OutLaw Presents: Anatomy of a Deal

Join Vinson & Elkins’ Counsel, Rob Scherer (Duke ’94), as he presents the Anatomy of a Deal. Scherer, counsel in the NYC office, will walk you through a transaction from the beginning stages to closing. This is a great opportunity to get an inside look at corporate and transactional law, as well as 1Ls to get a chance to meet representatives from V&E, one of the law firms attending Duke Blueprint for Success.

Please RSVP to by Feb. 28th so that we can estimate an appropriate amount of food.

Q-Shack will be served!!

OutLaw would like to thank V&E for organizing and sponsoring this event, as well as Ricardo Muñiz, a 3L, for organizing it.

Please see attached PDF for a full description.

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