Fieldwork Partnerships 

Duke University is in the process of developing an occupational therapy doctorate program. We anticipate a dynamic cohort of occupational therapy students and we consider the academic-practice partnership vital to shaping the next generation of therapists who will serve and lead with competence. We expect our first cohort of students to start our program in June 2022 pending successful accreditation.

If you are interested in exploring a potential partnership with the developing Occupational Therapy Division at Duke University, please fill out our survey. Providing information in the survey indicates your wiliness to consider educating Duke students at your location and will give us information about the learning opportunities in your location.

Level I Fieldwork Description
Level I fieldwork experiences are designed to enhance content in corresponding didactic courses and introduces students to the fieldwork experience. Students understand needs of clients, apply knowledge and theory to practice, and develop basic clinical reasoning skills through observation, participation in practice, and reflection on these experiences. Level I fieldwork serves as a “canvas” for understanding the occupational therapy process in various contexts. Services can be provided to diverse individuals, populations and communities throughout the lifespan. Successful completion of all Level I fieldwork experiences is required prior to Level II fieldwork.

Qualified personnel for supervision of students for Level I Fieldwork: May include, but is not limited to, currently licensed occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants, psychologists, physicians, physician assistants, teachers, social workers, nurses, physical therapists, speech language pathologists.  The supervisor must be knowledgeable about occupational therapy and cognizant of the goals and objectives of the Level I Fieldwork Experience.

Examples where Level I Fieldwork experiences can occur include a hospital, school, prison, homeless shelter, skilled nursing facility, senior community center, adult day center, community agency, or hospice etc.

Level II Fieldwork Description
The Level II fieldwork experience is a vital part of the overall education experience and is integral to the program’s curriculum design which allows students to apply content acquired in Level I fieldwork and didactic courses. Level II fieldwork is an in-depth experience delivering occupational therapy services to diverse individuals, populations, and communities through the application of meaningful occupations, research, administration and management. The goal of the Level II fieldwork is to develop competent, entry-level, generalist occupational therapists. Level II fieldwork provides an opportunity to carry out the occupational therapy process under the supervision of a qualified fieldwork educator.

Fieldwork educator qualifications: Currently licensed occupational therapists who have a minimum of 1 year full-time of practice experience as a licensed occupational therapists prior to the start of the Level II fieldwork.

Examples where Level II Fieldwork experiences can occur include hospitals, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing, home health, psychiatric hospital, early intervention, schools, prison, community agency etc.