Dr. Barbara Hooper Creates an Innovative Curriculum Design Process for the Developing Occupational Therapy Program

Curriculum design typically involves input from multiple stakeholders and faculty members. To date, Dr. Barb Hooper has engaged with approximately 100 stakeholders. But being the only faculty member, so far, in the developing program, Dr. Hooper asked, “how can I duplicate the dynamic design process and benefit from multiple perspectives without a faculty in place?” She chose to establish a curriculum team of visionary occupational therapists and scholars.

“I don’t know of any developing programs in occupational therapy in the US that have tried this approach,” said Dr. Hooper. 

On June 4, 2019, the team met for the first time at a curriculum retreat hosted by the Division. The team established the framework for the curriculum, analyzed data, drafted a preliminary vision and mission, aim, and outcome domains. Over the next months, the team will refine these foundational elements of the curriculum and then create the assessment plan, philosophy, approach to learning, content areas and structure.

Team members include:

  • Sarah Barton, ThD, MS, OTR/L, BCP, Henri Nouwen Faculty Fellow Western Theological Seminary
  • Tomeico Faison, OTR/L, Founder, Therapeutic Solutions of NC, LLC
  • M. Heather McKay, PhD, OT/L, Founder, Partnerships for Health
  • Cambey Mikush, OTD, OTR/L, Occupational therapist, AOTA Emerging Leaders
  • Lindy Norman, MAT, Special Program Coordinator, OTD Division
  • John McCall, Vice Chief of Administration and Operations

Dr. Mikush summarized her retreat experience, “I’m just so excited to be part of this process and contribute to the Duke OTD.”

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