Two-Step Verification Coming in the Fall

unnamedDurham, N.C– Duke University has announced a form of two step verification for remotely accessing online information.  The new multi-step process will help to thwart cyber criminals and other users preparing to access unauthorized data, all while making sure that patient and employee data is secure.  Starting on September 1st the new system will require another step to ensure you are who you say you are such as an email with a number on it, or a text message to a verified phone number.  See the original article here.

Helping Everyone Achieve Gold

Cary, N.C– Duke’s Department of Orthopaedics lent a hand on May 6th and 7th to the Wake County Special Olympics.  Wake County Special Olympics helps over 1,200 athletes compete in year round sports, and several staff members from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery went to provide medical care to any injured athletes.  Ray Malaguti, Associate Director of Clinical Operations expressed his gratitude toward staff members, and his pleasure with how well the Special Olympics went.  “It is activities like this that sets us apart, this makes the fourth year that we have participated and we will continue to participate in the future,” said Malaguti.  A wonderful opportunity show how supporting and amazing a community can be the Special Olympics is always looking for the public to come support the athletes as they compete.

Robotic Arm Gives Teen More Independence

gosselin_dora_aDurham, N.C– Doctor Dora Gosselin of the Orthopaedic Department in Duke’s Children Hospital helped to secure a robotic arm for her patient Kelby Oakley.  Oakley (15) has muscular dystrophy, is wheelchair bound and lost the ability to use his arms.  Gosselin saw the robotic arm that attaches to a wheelchair at a conference and  managed to secure a donation to allow Oakley to have the opportunity to have more independence again.  For more check out the story on WRAL.