Duke Orthopaedics 2016 State of the Department

On Wednesday, June 1, 2016, Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Benjamin A. Alman, MD, delivered the 2016 State of the Department Address. Highlights included:

  • New faculty members:
    • Justin Scruggs
    • Thorsten Seyler
    • Phillip Horne
    • Annunziato Amendola
    • Courtney Karner
    • Timothy Sell
    • Janet Bettger
    • Gurpreet Baht
    • Derek Clewley
    • Corey Simon
    • Maggie Horn
    • Jeffrey Hoder
    • Greg Della Rocca
    • Norah Foster
  • Faculty members named as North Carolina’s Best Doctors
  • Innovative care techniques being performed by our faculty members
  • Celebrating the official launch of the Duke Sports Science Institute
  • The newly formed Hand program, spanning the Department of Orthopaedics and Department of Surgery
  • Global initiatives spanning several continents
  • Accomplishments in research
    • Timothy Sell being named Director of the K-Lab
    • Steven George being named Head of Musculoskeletal Research at DCRI and Vice Chair of Clinical Research in the department
    • $7,153,148 in research funding
    • 206 Publications
    • 326 Presentations; including several keynotes
    • 103 presentations at AAOS and ORS
  • Accomplishments in education
    • DPT program ranked #10 in the country
    • Inaugural combined medical school – orthopaedic surgery training program
  • Accomplishments by Duke Orthopaedic Alumni
  • Relaunch of the Duke Orthopaedic Website and Blog

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