Duke Doctor of Physical Therapy Celebrates their Class of 2016 Graduates!

Doctor of Physical Therapy Graduation Class of 2016 group photo at Washington Duke Inn.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Graduation Class of 2016 group photo at Washington Duke Inn.

On Saturday, May 14, the Duke Doctor of Physical Therapy faculty, staff, family, and friends gathered at the Washington Duke Inn to celebrate the following Class of 2016 graduates:

Lauren Alexis Alexander
Michelle Chioma Anumba
Jennifer Christine Arms
Stephanie Babiarz
Danyelle Dye Barnes
Austin Grant Bloomberg
Kelcie Denise-Shaw Bradham
Lindsay McLean Braun
Caleb Wolfinger Bromley
Julie Catherine Canfield
Norah K. Cetin
Daniel Yih-An Chen
Lisa Penny Cole
Kathryn Jane Csete
Kathleen Frances Decina
Sarah Elizabeth Ford
Adrienne Ann Fox
Jack William Friesen
Hilary Ann Frimenko
Andrew William Grant
Melani Graves
Jessica Bryant Groves
Kathryn Elizabeth Haynes
Olivia Louise Hebert
Steven Richard Higbie
Shawn Michael Hoffman
Maggie Lynn Holland
Megan Elise Hornsby
Sean Husted
Mary Christine Jackson
Michael Alan Jeanfavre
Susan Michelle Kokot
Kimberly Elizabeth Kurtz
Blair Elizabeth Losak
Laura Phillips Martens
Leigh A. Martino
Courtney Williamson Matthews
Molly Moore Mazich
Matthew Ryan Phelps McCarty
Anne Jessie McGinty
Jacqueline Cosby McNeill
Joshua Paul Miller
Julia Elaine Murhammer
Chelsea Lee Myers
Nicole Mary Neill
Matthew James O’Connell
Meghan Kathleen O’Hara
Samantha R. Parlier
Anthony Phan
Jennifer E. Pike
Meredith Logan Ramsey
Andrea Jane Rawley
Carl Jackson Rollins III
Rebecka Marie Schafer
Kaitlyn Ruth Schlueter
Emily Smoak
Joshua D. Staggs
Patrick Mitchel Therriault
Jennifer Linn Tier
Rebecca Shields Todd
Melana Tamara Tysowsky
Christine D. Ulses
Samantha Dee Van Gorder
Hanzhu Zhang

During the ceremony, awards were presented to the following students and faculty:

Helen Kaiser Scholarship Award Recipients

Hilary Ann Frimenko
Michael Alan Jeanfavre
Leigh A. Martino
Hanzhu Zhang

Student Recognition Award

Melana Tamara Tysowsky

Helen Kaiser Duke Physical Therapy Alumni Association Award

Kaitlyn Ruth Schlueter

Duke Doctor of Physical Therapy Diversity Award

Samantha Dee Van Gorder

The Jan K. Richardson Excellence in Teaching Award

Michael P. Reiman, PT, DPT, OCS

The ceremony concluded with the Class of 2016 Officer Address, presented by Steven Richard Higbie, Samantha R. Parlier, Rebecca Shields Todd, and Carl Jackson Rollins III. The Student Officers left their fellow classmates with the following advice, “Be Brief, Be Brilliant, and Be Gone.” We wish the Class of 2016 all the best in their future endeavors.

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