“A Neurobiological Consideration of Humor,” by Leonard White, PhD

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.05.32 AMLeonard White, PhD, recently participated in a unique interdisciplinary conference on humor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (see website for complete description of the conference: http://humor.web.unc.edu/). His talk and demonstration was entitled, “A Neurobiological Consideration of Humor”.  In keeping with his teaching style, he brought human brain specimens to demonstrate to the diverse audience how the brain processes humor. The audience included social scientists, psychologists, philosophers, humanists, feminists, humorists, television “sit-com” writers and producers, professional comedians, and students from a variety of disciplines. Several attendees gathered around the brains at the conclusion of the presentation for a closer look, to ask questions, and to hold a brain.

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