March is National Athletic Training Month!

NATM_2015_Logo_4COne of the first health care providers you may meet on your physician’s team is an Athletic Trainer

Athletic Trainers are health care professionals specializing in sports medicine who collaborate with physicians to provide clinic examination and diagnosis, injury, and surgical education, casting and bracing services, as well as other healthcare services related to surgery and rehabilitation.  Athletic trainers are here to help you effectively and efficiently through your injury and treatment while a patient at Duke Sports Medicine. 

What it takes to be an Athletic Trainer

Athletic Trainers complete a four year bachelor’s degree or a two year master’s degree from an accredited institution in athletic training.  After successfully graduating, candidates must pass a board of certification (BOC) exam to officially be certified as an Athletic Trainer.

Other settings you can find an Athletic Trainer

  • High School/Middle School
  • College and Universities
  • Hospital/Clinic
  • Professional Sports, including NASCAR!
  • Performing Arts, including Cirque Du Soleil
  • NASA
  • Industrial work environments
  • Public Safety (police force, fire fighters)
  • Military


Since March is Athletic Training Month, please get to know your Athletic Trainers at Duke Sports Science Institute:

DSCN0044[1]Jasmine Hemmings  

  • Works with Dr. Ray
  • California University of Pennsylvania; M.S.
  • University of North Carolina Chapel-Hill; B.A.
  • Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ



Dan Brown MBA-HM, ATC, LAT

  • Works as DME Coordinator
  • Liberty University MBA-HM
  • Western Carolina University; B.S.
  • Hometown: Bahama, NC



Kristen Kunkel MAT, ATC, OTC

  • Work with Dr. Jonathan C. Riboh
  • Fellowship:  The Steadman Clinic, Vail, CO
  • Columbus State University; MAT
  • Marist College; B.S.
  • Hometown:  South Setauket, Long Island, NY



Skylar Miers, ATC

  • Works with Dr. Moorman and Dr. Ray
  • University of Vermont; B.S.
  • Hometown: Guilford, CT

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