Should Thomas Davis play in Super Bowl with broken forearm?

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When Carolina Panthers’ linebacker Thomas Davis broke his forearm during the NFC Championship game, speculation surrounded his decision to play in the upcoming Super Bowl, and whether he could play at the same level. Duke orthopaedic surgeon Ned Amendola, MD, said playing football with a broken forearm is definitely possible; whether he can perform to his potential will be unknown until closer to game day.

Can Thomas Davis play in the Super Bowl with broken forearm?

Doctors can only speculate about which bone or bones Thomas Davis broke when the Carolina Panthers linebacker injured his right forearm during a tackle in last week’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. Surgery to repair the break may have included plates and/or screws to stabilize the bone, said Ned Amendola, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine at Duke. A hard, durable splint that’s appropriately padded per NFL rules can help protect the bone during the game as it heals.

“Theoretically he can play because the bone is stable and because of the hardware,” Amendola said. “If the player is able to tolerate the discomfort, it’s definitely feasible for him to play” as long as he understands the risks and ramifications of playing with a broken bone two weeks after his injury.

Watch the above video to hear Amendola talk more about the risks of Davis playing on Super Bowl Sunday.

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