Welcome to Kristin Kolstad, PT and Annette Vogt Hauger, PT

We would like to welcome the following Norwegian Masters Students, from Bergen University College, who will be joining the Doctor of Physical Therapy division beginning this week until the middle of May 2016:

Kristin Kolstad, PTKristin Holdstat

Kristin grew up on a farm outside of Bergen, Norway. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in physical therapy in Oslo, Norway, and moved back to Bergen after graduation. While Kristin has been conducting mostly outpatient physical therapy for the past few years, she is now completing a Master’s degree in physical therapy at Bergen University College in collaboration with Duke. Kristin will be writing her master’s thesis under the mentorship of faculty from the Doctor of Physical Therapy division.

Outside of work, Kristin enjoys spending time with friends and family and exploring Durham with her friend, Annette. She also enjoys staying active through running, hiking, and dancing.


Annette HaugerAnnette Vogt Hauger, PT

Annette comes from a half-island south of Oslo, Norway, where she has lived most of her life.  She received her first PT degree from Oslo University College, during which time she worked for three years doing orthopaedic rehabilitation at Oslo University Hospital. She then began her second PT degree in Bergen, Norway. To complete her degree, Annette is writing a master’s thesis in collaboration with some of the skilled professors at Duke. The topic is ACL rehabilitation with neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

When Annette isn’t writing or reading articles, she’s exploring Durham with her friend, Kristin, who she is living with this semester. Annette enjoys being outside, camping, hiking, kayaking or playing squash on a rainy day.

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