School of Medicine Mission Administration Accountability Departmental Review

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Administration team is currently going through the SOM Mission Administration Accountability Departmental Review.  The goals of the review include:

  • Understand how each mission in the department is managed, and how accountability extends vertically all the way through the organization.
  • Identify potential gaps in processes or reporting that might be useful in management of the department.
  • Identify areas where oversight might be strengthened.

Key areas of review are:

  • Department Leadership Structure
  • Administrative Staffing
  • Faculty Compensation Plans
  • Clinical Services Administration
  • Research Administration
  • CRU Administration
  • Education Administration
  • Financial/Activity Reporting

Participating in the departmental review are Mike Gagnon, Jill Karr, Maria Manson, John McCall, Peter Pavlis, Wendy Thompson and Tim Riddle.

Below is a picture of Peter Pavlis, Maria Manson and Mike Gagnon as they prepare for the first meeting with the School of Medicine.

L to R: Peter Pavlis, Maria Manson, Mike Gagnon

L to R: Peter Pavlis, Maria Manson, Mike Gagnon


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