Orthopaedic Surgery web site goes Live!

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery web site went live 12/1 – http://ortho.duke.edu/.  A lot of people were involved to make this effort happen in a relatively short period of time – huge THANKS to the following:

  • Faculty Leads
    • Research – Dr. Ben Alman
    • Education & Training – Dr. Fraser Leversedge
    • Patient Care – Dr. David Attarian
  • Ortho Faculty (both clinical and research)
  • Wendy Thompson – GME office
  • Content Writers
    • Laura Ertel
    • Michael Gowan
  • Developer – PivotPoint Media

We have received positive feedback from the faculty as well as suggestions for enhancements.  Those enhancements have been reviewed by the faculty leads and if approved will be incorporated in future releases of the web site.  The new site will continue to evolve and your feedback is always appreciated.  Please take a moment and review the site.  If you find any issues, missing or inaccurate content, please let us know.

Thank you, again, for your support and assistance on this endeavor for the department.

Tim Riddle and John McCall

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