3D Woven Synthetic Cartilage Could Help Your Knees Replace Themselves – Dr. Farsh Guilak, Ph.D.

Dr. Farsh GuilakPBS NOVA Next is NOVA’s award-winning digital publication that provides answers from the cutting edge of science and technology. Dr. Farsh Guilak was featured in October for his project ‘3D Woven Synthetic Cartilage Could Help Your Knees Replace Themselves’.  “Cartilage degeneration often results in arthritis, which can reduce mobility and cause chronic pain. It cannot be repaired, but research on replacement tissues may soon offer a viable alternative.  If you have arthritis in your hip or knee, we don’t just have to fix a little pothole, we can resurface the entire joint,” said Dr. Farshid Guilak, a Duke University researcher whose team is working on a technique to replace large swaths of existing cartilage with new tissue grown from your own stem cells. The team is currently testing their approach on large animals, and Dr. Guilak expects to begin human testing within four to five years, if not sooner. ”

Read the full article at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/body/3d-woven-synthetic-cartilage-could-help-your-knees-replace-themselves/


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