Week of 19-Oct – Orthopaedic Departmental Web Site Update

As a follow up to last weeks blog, we continued this week with updates to the new website.  In parallel, the project team has completed the draft of all content for go-live with faculty leads and staff reviewing before updating in the new content management system.  The focus continues to be content and after all updates have been made on the site, the web developer will work on images and styling for a professional look and feel.

The new website has incorporated features not integrated on our current site:

  • Ability to ‘Make a Gift’ to Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Quick links to Research, Education & Training, Patient Care and Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Latest News & Articles that is integrated with our departmental blog
  • Upcoming Events that we can update as appropriate specific for Orthopaedic faculty and staff

We are still on target to go-live 11/16 with a two week preview starting 11/2 where the project team, faculty leads and content providers will test the new site as well as provide a final view of the pages for accuracy.  As a reminder, you can click on the image below to view the new home page.

Duke-Ortho-Website-Home-r4-slide2 (4)

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