Reminder: Flu Vaccination Required by November 3

For staff required to be vaccinated, compliance is a condition of employment.  Those who are not in compliance with the policy by November 3, 2015, may be terminated.  For faculty required to be vaccinated, non-compliance could result in denied access to Duke Medicine EMR and clinical facilities, and/or an impact on performance evaluations.

Take time today to be vaccinated!  Faculty and staff can visit Employee Occupational Health & Wellness – No appointment is necessary.

Individuals may receive the vaccine at locations other than those provided through the DUHS Healthcare Worker Flu Vaccination Program. If vaccinated elsewhere, SoM faculty and staff must provide the required documentation evidencing such to Employee Occupational Health by scanning and emailing to or via Fax to 919-681-0555. Employees should keep their original documentation until verifying that vaccination status has been updated in OESO’s database. Acceptable proof of vaccination is a document signed and dated by the professional who administered the vaccine. A form for reporting external vaccination can be found on the School of Medicine website at

To read the School of Medicine’s flu vaccination policy or to access a Frequently Asked Questions document and flu vaccination exemption forms, visit

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